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"I'm very lucky in that I have a good cosmetic surgeon. I don't want my nipples looking for coins on the street." --on her plans to get her newly enlarged boobies taken down a notch.


Hey Joaaaquiiin! I'm in my bungalow and I'm dressed like Jessica Simpson!

"She's only 19, she's only 19, she's only 19."

Ahhh, take this one with a grain of salt. The tabloids are dropping Lindsay Lohan in the bed of a new man each week. This time around, Star Magazine is saying that Lohan, 19, and Joaquin Pheonix, 31, have been having a secret rendezvous at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Apparently, Joaquin and Lindsay are both renting bungalows at the hotel and when the bungalows are rockin', don't bother knockin'! {Side bar: unless you are Kevin Federline and you've been kicked out of your house by your wife, why do all these celebrities go stay at hotels when they have big, beautiful homes?} Someone close to Joaquin confirmed to Star that he and Lohan have something going on, but said, "I think Joaquin is blowing off steam with Lindsay. This is definitely not going to be a great Hollywood romance." Gee, ya think?
Source: Star Magazine


Screw you Chad Michael Murray! US Weekly reports that Sophia Bush is soldiering on after her painful breakup from her husband and One Tree Hill co-star. Sophia, who dumped Chad "I used to think you were cute, now I think you're a rat" Michael Murray 5 months into their marriage, will go public with her heartache in the February issue of CosmoGirl. "I can't say there are no hard feelings," she said, "I'm hurt, humiliate and brokenhearted." Bush would not directly address the specific rumors floating around about the reason for the breakup (Chad allegedly screwing Paris Hilton) but added, "Does it shock me how accurate some of them are? Yes." It's rumored that this may be One Tree Hill's last season and even though fans like me will be bummed, it could end up being the best thing for Murray and Bush. A source told US that Sophia and Chad "fight and bitch at each other" all the time in the middle of the set now. So sad.


Even though I'm still kinda bummed over the way Nip/Tuck ended up making penis challenged Quentin Costa (played by Bruno Campos) The Carver, I'm still looking forward to next season. TV Guide had an interview with Campos and he shed some light on a couple fun little Carver facts. Although in press interviews, fellow cast members claimed they didn't know the identity of The Carver, Costa knew all throughout season 3 it was his character wearing that creepy white mask. "It was the hardest secret I ever had to keep," Campos told TV Guide. In addition to the creepy mask, Costa had to wear brown contacts as part of his Carver gear. "They made me look like a cold-blooded animal. It was a haunting thing, and wearing that mask was intense." Unlike Campos, Rhona Mitra who played detective Kit McGraw only learned 2 weeks before the final episode was filmed that her character would turn out to be Quentin's sister Kit. The peeps at FX are mum on whether or not Quentin, Kit and The Carver will return next season, only saying, "They are alive and well on the beach. They are not contracted to come back, but with Nip/Tuck, you never know." Hmmm....



Too Late?

Now that Nicole Richie and boyfriend DJ A.M.'s relationship is over and done with, US Weekly is reporting that A.M. is allegedly looking for some fresh meat to date. Apparently he doesn't want a boney chicken wing for a girlfriend anymore and a source told US, "A.M. wants to date curvy girls. He hated Nicole's skinny body and liked her better before she lost so much weight." Hey, you know what they say....more to love! Oh well, I really like Nicole, I hope the girl is doing ok.
Source: US Weekly


The new issue of US Weekly hit the stands today with "Nick's Side of The Story" blasted all over the cover. Of course, unlike Jessica who graced the cover of US Weekly alone last week, Nick had to once again share the spotlight and the cover of his US Weekly featured story. First off, it's not a one on one interview with Nick (surprise, surprise)--it's "sources" telling the story. Here are the highlights:
  • The cheating- Both of the kids have been accused of cheating, some stories are more serious than others. They have always denied the claims against both of them, but now some of Lachey's friends are saying that Jessica wasn't so innocent: "She comes across as such a goody-two-shoes." "I'm finding out all these things about her and putting together things she has told me. I'm just now realizing what a good liar she was. That's how Nick feels too-totally in shock." Another Lachey friend adds, "The idea that things unfolded because Jess couldn't take Nick misbehaving is simply not true."
  • He felt ignored- The bigger Jessica's star started to get, the more she started to neglect her husband. "She ignored him," a source told US Weekly. "She'd always leave him at home for something "better." Jessica would go out with friends and never check in with Nick. It bothered him. " Even when Nick and Jessica were together, she would be aloof to him. "He'd sit there alone while she was living it up with her friends."
  • No matter what Papa Joe says, the couples parting was NOT good - When Simpson told Lachey she wanted a divorce, he felt completely "sucker punched." Up until then, he and Simpson had held out hope that things could work out and that is why, according to a Jessica source, they spent two months insisting they were alright when they in fact, were already dunzo. A Lachey insider said, "He was committed until the end, that is why he went along with the charade. The 'honeymoon' trip (to Italy in October) was real for him. He wanted to fix their problems."
  • The blame game - Friends say Nick would like it if the divorce could stay private between him and Jessica, but his friends worry that "Team Simpson" led by the almighty Joe Simpson, is trying to turn the public against him. "Friends warned Nick that Joe would view the divorce as a business move."
  • Jessica's regrets? - Some sources think Jessica may be regretting her decision. "I've heard she is reaching out to him." "It hit her how good he was to her. But as long as Nick has some distance from her, he wont take her back."
So now Lachey and Simpson are living separate lives. But sources believe that emotionally they are in the same place, "In their hearts, they're both sad."
Pick up the latest issue of US Weekly to read the story in its entirety.
Source: US Weekly


Ahh man, I was really trying not to write about this, but the urge is just too great. By now you've all probably checked out Kevin Federline's fancy new website that he put up. It is quite the treat and when you hop on over to it, you get a nice sampling of his music. I really try to give everyone a chance and part of me feels bad for picking on the guy, but, um...oh Lord, it is just. so. bad. Vanilla Ice has officially been kicked off his throne, if you know what I'm saying. Well, at least 2006 will start off with laughs and smiles because Federline is releasing his first single at midnight, January 1st for everyone to hear. Get ready y'all!! You will also be able to buy the single on Yahoo Music Unlimited. Ooooooh! Exciting. It's called "Popozao" and I don't know what the F a "Popozao" is...all I know is that in the 7 second clip played on his website and MySpace site, Federline sounds like a clown bouncing up and down chanting, "Po! Po! Po! Po! Popozao, Popozao!" According to Page Six, Kevin couldn't find a major label to release his music, so he is doing it independently (there goes Britney's money!). Oh well, I really shouldn't judge because I have not heard the song in it's entirety, just a silly 7 seconds of it. Maybe I should listen to Kevin when he warns me on his website, "Don't judge a book by it's cover!" Maybe when we hear the song in it's entirety, we will be pleasantly surprised. Heh. Maybe?



I repeat, Oprah Winfrey and the windshield of her private jet did not kill an innocent bird, as erroneously reported by several news sources yesterday. Oprah's plane had to go back to the airport when the windshield became cracked and it was first thought to have been damaged by a bird flying into it. To the relief of millions of concerned Americans, a Santa Barbara Fire Dept spokesman said, "It's unlikely a bird was involved. The pilot did tell my captain that he felt it was a fatigue thing with the glass." How much you wanna bet Oprah dropped them a couple hundies to say that so PETA wouldn't get all up in her ass!
Source: PEOPLE


Well, Jessica Simpson is moving out of mom and dad's house. People Magazine is reporting that Jessica bought a 3 million dollar house in Beverly Hills and has begun the process of moving in. A "source" close to Simpson (Papa Joe) tells People, "She's happy to have a house that's hers. This is the first time she's making her own decisions." No word yet on whether or not girlfriend CaCee Cobb, Ken Paves, stinky Bam Margera or dirty Johnny Knoxville will be her roommates, but I'm sure they'll be over for slumber parties!
Source: People


America's Next Top Model fans rejoice! Your favorite loud mouthed judge Janice Dickinson is returning to television with her very own reality show. "The Janice Dickinson Project," (working title) will follow "The Worlds Very First Supermodel" as she attempts to open up her very own Hollywood modeling agency. The Oxygen Network has ordered 10 episodes of the reality show where Janice picks 5 lucky girls out of 500 hopefuls to be the first signed to her agency. Even though she can be loud and obnoxious (and yes, sometimes like nails on a chalkboard), I love Janice Dickinson. Girlfriend tells it like it is and I can't get enough of her. Lets hope the winners on her show have a better a shot at a modeling career than the winners on Top Model have had. Yikes.
Source: Zap2it



Two thugs were arrested Tuesday for trying to extort $1 million from Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony. Tito Moses, 31, and Steven Wortman, 40, were arrested in New York City after allegedly trying to get the couple to pay up for a missing copy of their wedding video. The video, previously stored on Anthony's laptop computer, got into the wrong hands this past October when it was inside a vehicle of Anthony's that was stolen. Earlier in the month, Access Hollywood received a call from Moses trying to sell them the video for big bucks. Following weeks of negotiations with Lopez and Anthony's lawyers, the bums thought they were going to get a big pay off, but instead, were caught by the fuzz and had their asses thrown in jail. Holla!
Source: Webcenter 11


Brad Pitt's lawyer has sent a letter out to tabloids threatening legal action if anyone prints mysterious photos that were recently taken of Pitt on the balcony of his Los Angeles home. To warrant this type of legal action, Page Six is insinuating that these photos of Pitt could be some type of nudie photos like the ones Jennifer Aniston's lawyer threatened to sue over. Whatever! Anyone who's aware that they are watched 24/7 by paparazzi is an idiot for going out on their balcony with their goods exposed. It's the price of fame sweetheart, deal with it.
Source: Page Six


Oh that Chris Klein. He claims he has no hard feelings towards Katie Holmes and their break up, but Mr. Toughguy says he isn't going to congratulate her on her upcoming baby. Bitter, much? In a recent AP radio interview, when asked if he would be sending Holmes a congratulatory card or gift after she gives birth to Tom Cruise's baby, Klein responded, "No, I don't think so. Her and my relationship is a time in the past. And it's a time that I'll always look back with in fondness, but her and I have moved on, and she has a separate life and I have a separate life. And it's better that we keep it that way." Oh c'mon Chris! We're not asking you to be best friends with the girl, but you dated her for seven years! I'm sure her new quickie relationship with the worlds biggest movie star would be hard for any ex boyfriend to deal with, but If you are going to go around in interviews and act like you don't care about your break up with Katie, then at least do the decent thing and congratulate her. Buy a card, sign your name and mail it off. Done.
Source: AP



E! News has just reported that the upcoming issue of US Weekly will exclusively tell dreamy Nick Lachey's side of the story on his split with Jessica Simpson. I wish Nick would spill all the dirt about what a bad girl Jessica has allegedly been, but you know he will be a total gentleman (damn!). In the meantime, Nick has been hard at work on his new CD, which he says will lean more towards a rock sound this time around. It's also possible that the defunct MTV reality show "The Nick Lachey Project" might see the light of day, since Nick says MTV has been filming him "on and off." A rescheduled premiere date will be centered around his new CD's release, sometime in 2006.
In Jessica Simpson news, Lloyd Grove is reporting that Jessica is very unhappy that Nick is slaughtering her in the polls of public opinion and that the majority of people think she was responsible for the break up. Grove also says that Simpson is pissed off that her publicist has been unable to keep the negative stories about her (ie: fake lips? cheating with Maroon 5 singer? got ulcers?) out of the spotlight lately. I'm telling ya, as much as I used to love Jessica, I think her star is fading and you can blame that on breaking Nick's heart, not to mention, the dislike people have for Papa Joe Simpson. Awww, who's your daddy now Jess?
Source: Yahoo Launch , National Ledger


Nah! Nah! Take that, Brenda Walsh!

Tori Spelling and that guy she had the affair with, Dean McDermott, apparently got engaged on Christmas Eve. Both Spelling and her lovah are not even divorced from the spouses that they cheated on. That is sooo tacky! Donna Martin, you should be ashamed! In a joint statement released to People magazine the couple gushed, "We're so incredibly happy and in love. We cannot wait to start our lives together!" Yeah, that and a big F you to the spouses they are both legally married to at the moment and let's not forget the baby McDermott just recently adopted with his wife before leaving her. Spelling's rumored pregnancy is said to be false. But, if she's not already pregnant, you know bitch will be knocked up soon! Yuck. Ya think Papa Spelling will give her another million dollar wedding?
Source: People
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The New York Daily News is reporting that "Sopranos" star Jamie-Lynn Sigler is allegedly getting nasty drunk laden messages left on her cell phone by soon to be ex-husband A.J. DiScala. Her friends are claiming, "He'll be in Miami or Los Angeles and he'll call her at 4 a.m. and just slur nasty things into the phone. She just wants to move on with her life." A.J., who has been hanging out with newly single Nick Lachey, denies the accusations and tells The New York Daily News, "I've left my wife two happy holiday E-mails," (which translates to: MERRY F'IN CHRISTMAS AND A SHITTY NEW YEAR BITCH!!!"). He goes on to say, "I love my wife, and I want her to be happy, and I wish no ill will toward her or her family." I don't know, nor care enough about either one of these yahoos (except for the fact that they would pop up on Newlyweds here and there) to make a judgment on who's telling the truth, so you make the call.
Source: Gatecrasher


Oh man. Gossip is very slow, so we will talk about this bottom of the barrel news. Bin Laden's rebellious niece, Wafah Dufour (26), is really going to piss him off. Dufour, who has dreams of launching a music career in the United States, has posed for GQ magazine "reclining on satin sheets wrapped in a feather boa and sporting high heels." She thinks that this photo shoot is a way to prove to Americans that she does not condone or support Bin Laden in any way (and gee! maybe now we will buy her record!). She says, "It's really tough that I always have to explain myself. I was born in the States, and I want people to know I'm American, and I want people here to understand that I'm like anyone in New York. For me, it's home." Hmmm, maybe she should start by not using the Bin Laden name as a way to pimp her singing career. Not to mention, thinking that she can show how "American" she is by appearing in GQ in lingerie with a "hey U.S.! Look! I can be slutty like the rest of you!" attitude is not going to win her any fans. LAME!
Source: IMDB


Oh dear. Oprah Winfrey and her boyfriend Stedman Graham had to put their travel plans temporarily on hold Monday when the private jet they were flying on was responsible for a birds unfortunate demise. The bird, probably just out for what it thought would be a peaceful post Christmas fly, flew head on into the gulfstream jet, cracking it's windshield. The pilot was forced to turn around and go back to the Santa Barbara airport until the windshield was repaired. The bird died, but thankfully, Oprah and Stedman were not injured. Oprah is yet to announce if the trauma from this incident will be turned into a topic for a future episode of her talkshow. Merry freakin' Christmas bird!
Source: AP



I am starting to get annoyed with Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. She seems to be taking her stardom thang a bit too seriously and is all about the "don't you know who I am?" way of life. Her and boyfriend San Antonio Spurs basketball player Tony Parker allegedly got in a verbal scuffle with a police officer Saturday night. Parker was cited for impeding traffic and failing to produce a valid Texas drivers license during a traffic stop. It all started when a policeman on a bicycle observed the couples car stopped on a road and interfering with traffic. When the officer tapped the top of Parker's car as a signal to get the car moving, Parker and Longoria allegedly "began screaming in a verbally abusive and demeaning manner," towards the policeman. When Parker started to drive away, he almost hit a pedestrian standing near by, so the cop pulled him over. Parker then produced a French drivers license, which caused him to get a citation for not having a valid Texas drivers license. Not very happy about being written up, Parker allegedly complained, "This is all cops do, just mess with people." I'm sorry, basketball player or not, homeboy has been in Texas long enough and should have his drivers license in order! When that wasn't enough, police said that big mouth Longoria shouted from the car: "He's just a Mexican bike cop. He only wants your autograph." Rude! Of course, in a statement through her publicist, Longoria denies she ever used a racial slur and throws out the old "some of my best friends are..." excuse: "It's a shame that one officer conducted himself in such an inappropriate and disorderly manner. I never made any sort of racial slurs, let alone made any comments about the officer being Mexican, as a Mexican myself." Uh huh, sure Eva. We'll give Tony Parker a pass, but we're on to you.
Source: AP


People may not always know this man by name, but anyone who watches TV or movies knows his face. Character actor Vincent Shiavelli died today at his home in Sicily from lung cancer, at the age of 57. He appeared in nearly 100 feature films and in addition to his acting career, Sciavelli had a love for food, writing 3 cookbooks and many food articles. His delightfully funny face and colorful acting will be sorely missed.
Source: AP



Rapper Foxy Brown was in court today and was actin' a fool! She was there to plead guilty to a misdemeanor for beating up two manicurists she had a nail bill disagreement with a while back. You would think she would be on her best behavior, but instead, she got all sassy when the judge accused her of chewing gum in court and making faces at her. Foxy denied that she had any gum, but the judge did not believe her. After she told Foxy and her lawyer that she "didn't like her attitude," Foxy opened her mouth and "wagged her tongue as if to show her mouth was empty." After that, the judge had enough and ordered Foxy handcuffed to the defendants' bench along a courtroom wall. Then, pissed off when the female court officer trying to handcuff her didn't pay attention to Foxy saying her big ass bracelets were in the way, bitch goes off and strikes the officer! At this point, the judge told Foxy that she better apologize her ass quickly or she would be held in contempt of court, where she could be jailed for up to 30 days and fined $1,000. Instead of going off and smacking the judge, Foxy, with hands cuffed behind her back stood in front of her and said, "I apologize for my actions." Damn, I don't care that this chick is newly deaf and all. You can't go off and smack people whenever you don't like something! That shit aint right!
Source: AP


Here we go again. Add Mike Myers and his wife Robin Ruzan to the list of Hollywood couples divorcing. Their spokesperson confirmed today that Myers and Ruzan have decided to end their marriage after 12 years together. Ahh shucks.
Source: AP


Congratulations to actress Laura Dern and longtime boyfriend singer Ben Harper...US Weekly is reporting they married last night after 5 years of dating. Dern and Harper have 2 children together, son Ellery, 4, and daughter Jaya, 1. The couple married in a sunset ceremony filled with Christmas decorations at a mansion formerly owned by Gregory Peck. Awww! I bet Laura Dern thanks her lucky stars that bum Billy Bob left her years ago for Angelina Jolie. Ben is cute and he makes nice music!
Source: AP

BRAD RENFRO IN DRUG ARREST. provided this photo of Renfro at his arrest featured on the front page of
the 12/23/05 Los Angeles Times.
Ouch. That's harsh.
Remember that actor Brad Renfro? You don't? That's ok cuz neither did I and had to look him up....he was the kid in the movies, "The Client" and "Apt Pupil" and he is a very naughty boy. Renfrow, now 23, was arrested yesterday for allegedly trying to buy heroin from an undercover officer. Renfro was picked up in a random police sting down on good 'ol Skid Row along with 14 other suspects. This isn't Renfrow's first drug-related arrest, in 1998 he was charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine but avoided jail time with a plea bargain. Then in January 2001 he tried to steal someone's yacht and somehow, again, got off with 2 years probation. Probation? That didn't stop him! Renfro then got himself arrested in May 2001 and charged with underage drinking. The next year, he was charged with driving without a license and public intoxication. Both violated terms of his probation. Renfro was ordered into an alcohol rehabilitation program in March 2002. Give me a break, this guy is another Eddie Furlong. Allegedly.
Source: FOX News



Ryan Seacrest is all over the world of media. Hey, when your hot, your hot...and right now, Ryan is a freakin' blazing inferno. It is being reported that in addition to his zillion other jobs, Ryan has just signed a 3 year deal with E! Entertainment to co-host their nightly newscast, E! News Live, for an estimated 7 million - 8 million a year. He will also be the host for E!'s red carpet coverage, kicking it off with next months Golden Globes. Seacrest replaces the short-lived red carpet maven Star Jones (thank God) and there is no threat of even more annoying Joan and Melissa Rivers returning as they are fitting in quite nicely with the TV Guide channel. Ryan is also co-hosting ABC's New Years Rockin' Eve this year alongside Dick Clark (aww, it will be so good to see Dick Clark again). Word is, Seacrest will take over the New Years Rockin' Eve helm when Clark decides to step down for good. All of this comes in addition to Seacrest hosting America Idol, his morning radio show on KIIS FM in Los Angeles, hosting the weekly radio show America's Top 40 Countdown (which he inherited from Casey Kasem), fill-in host on CNN's Larry King Live AND designing a clothing line called, "The R Line." You would think that with so many jobs, Ryan would give up something....but no way, he just keeps on ticking. So, it looks like this will be a very happy 31st birthday for Ryan this Christmas Eve (Happy Birthday!), he is a true Capricorn. Being so busy, It must be really hard to date the guy...but, heh, I think he's adorable, I'd give it a shot.
Source: FOX News


Oh poor Jessica. Extra is saying that she is suffering from ulcers due to the stress of her divorce from cutie Nick Lachey. "The stress of the breakup has really gotten to Jessica," said Us Weekly's Ken Baker. "So much so that we're told she has developed ulcers and is really in a lot of pain." It must be really hard breaking up with your spouse and then immidiately celebrating Christmas and New Years without them for the first time in years. Word is, Jess will be in Hawaii with her family and Nick's family is coming out from Ohio to spend Christmas with him in Calabasas, CA.
Source: National Ledger


New York Daily News columnist Lloyd Grove, who has a great gossip column called "Lowdown," started a new tradition last year of banishing a celebrity from his column, "in a ritual of culture-cleansing and cobweb-clearing." His pick last year was Paris Hilton and this year, Brad Pitt will hold the honor (being banned from a gossip column? I'm sure Pitt wont mind at all!). Why Brad, you ask? Well, here are Lowdown's top "banish Brad" reasons:

  • Brad's an okay actor, some of the time, and certainly a hunky movie star, most of the time - but he's no Russell Crowe. Except for a couple of performances in his 40-odd films - such as his breakout role as an irresistible bounder in "Thelma & Louise" - Pitt's star turns range from the bland to the ridiculous.

    Apparently, it's all in the hair.

    "With his highlighted blond locks and petulant pout, he looks more like the most famed hairdresser of all time," wrote Britain's Sunday Express about Pitt's Achilles in "Troy." Reviewing another earnest effort, the Miami Herald wrote: "Brad Pitt's hair is in rare form in 'Meet Joe Black.' It's hard to tell whether this is a result of the way he's been lighted or whether he's switched to a new brand of shampoo. ... If his movie career ever fizzles, he's got a good future hawking Vidal Sassoon."

  • Brad seems always to be in love ... with himself. Try reading these lines from Pitt's damage-control operation, his June GQ interview - published as he was ditching his wife for a younger woman, and then cruelly humiliating her in public again and again - without getting just a wee bit queasy: "The only thing to figure out is between Jen and I [sic]. And there's a beauty in that. There's a beauty in our coming together, and there's a beauty in this, for us. I'm actually really proud of us. We've done it another way - we've done it our way, and I love her for that. We've kept the love we have for each other."

  • Brad is as cold and shallow as thin ice on a teensy pond. As Aniston memorably told Vanity Fair - after her husband, his lover and their pretend children graced a W magazine photo spread titled "Domestic Bliss" - "There's a sensitivity chip that's missing."

  • Brad adopts the lifestyle, interests and passions of whatever woman he happens to be bedding. A slightly creepy collection of photographs from the archives of Star magazine shows Pitt aping his various girlfriends' dress and appearance - whether it be Jill Schoelen in 1988 (matching hats), Juliette Lewis in 1992 (back-combed and blond), Gwyneth Paltrow in 1997 (matching cropped blond hair) and Aniston in 2001 - much like dog owners who morph into their pets.

    With Angelina, Brad has not only adopted her hobbies - taking flying lessons, for instance, to match Jolie's pilot's license, and joining her (laudably, of course) on her humanitarian tours of the Third World - he's adopted her children.

  • With the world's celebrity mags and gossip columns continuing to spill oceans of ink over Brad and his adventures for the foreseeable future, I can well afford to live without him - just like Jen.
  • Source: Lowdown



    Poor David Letterman. He can't seem to get rid of the crazies. Check out this story from Yahoo News:
    SANTA FE, N.M. - Attorneys for television talk show host David Letterman want a judge to quash a restraining order granted to a Santa Fe woman who contends the celebrity used code words to show that he wanted to marry her and train her as his co-host. A state judge granted a temporary restraining order to Colleen Nestler, who alleged in a request filed last Thursday that Letterman has forced her to go bankrupt and caused her "mental cruelty" and "sleep deprivation" since May 1994. Nestler requested that Letterman, who tapes his show in New York, stay at least three yards away and not "think of me, and release me from his mental harassment and hammering." Read More


    WARNING: Sorry this is so long. Must vent!!
    OK. I am really, really, bummed that Quentin and Kit turned out to be The Carver. I could care less that I got it wrong (although I still think Liz would have been awesome! Love her!), I just can't believe that it ended up being the two people I could care less about and had no emotional attachment to. First off, people all over the place were guessing the "new creepy doctor" Quentin or the "new mysterious cop" Kit when they first appeared in town. You didn't think it would be either of them because, well, it would have been too obvious and no fun. I don't know how the "obvious choice" turning out to be The Carver is a good twist, just because they may have already been eliminated in our minds. I wasn't shocked, I was just disappointed. I will say it was an interesting little twist that they were brother and sister as a result of incest, but I would have rather that be a separate story about them and The Carver be someone else.
    The first hour and a half of the show was awesome, but the last 30 minutes suddenly turned into a freakin' cartoon. Seriously, The Carver just jumps in and injects Sean and then peels his mask off to reveal it's Quentin? Dah-Daaaah! Huh? It was so not Nip/Tuck "oh my gosh! gasp! You've got to be kidding me!" it felt, just, sloppy. Then, that whole ridiculous scene where Sean and Christian were tied down and we get this crazy ass monologue from Quentin? I swear, I was waiting for someone to wake up from a dream. Parts of it produced a chuckle, like when Quentin was talking about killing Reah Reynolds and he said, "Reah? She OFFENDED me!!" Also, I am stunned that they fell back on that old "crazy person raised by nuns" idea with Quentin & Kit. Come on! That was lame! Not to mention, Kit and Quentin escaping to Spain, sitting by a pool drinking fruity drinks together? Lame, cliche, lame, cliche, lame..! And I don't care that Quentin was born without a penis!!!
    To me, the best part was with Kimber and how her breast implants were sent to Christian in a bloody box (scary!!), then learning about everything the Carver did to her. Although, I don't like how she told Christian they couldn't be together anymore (is she crazy?...if she was gonna say that, they should have just killed her off!) I loved how they played an instrumental version of Coldplay's "fix you" during her surgery and the part where Christian kissed Kimber on the forehead--romantic! I will say that I loved seeing the return of Cherry Peck (girl, you know how to swing a shovel!) and the whole story with her and Matt. It was nice to see Matt go back to normal and be a good guy and I loved that he helped Cherry pick out make-up. The whole story with Matt's girlfriend's father was kind of weird, but I am glad they shot the f'er and I hope they threw him in the grave (something else we didn't get to see). I wish that Cherry didn't get her ding dong cut off though, that made me sad for her and tear up. BIG PROPS to the fab Willam who played the part of Cherry...awesome work! He's visited Tabloid Whore! before and I hope we get to see him (and Cherry) again on Season 4!
    Oh yah, and so much for Ryan Murphy saying at the start of Season 2 that The Carver will be revealed in the last seconds of the show. Where was the cliffhanger? It doesn't even compare to last seasons with Christian being slashed by The Carver. I still love Nip/Tuck and will watch it as long as it's on...but I gotta say, I would have preferred the Carver turn out to be someone we were more invested in, so when we found out, it would have hit us with a bang.

    Oh well, on to The Shield!
    PS: Check out pobytes review of the Nip/Tuck finale. It's a good thing the two of us didn't go to Vegas and put bets on Liz being the Carver!



    Life's been good for Gwen Stefani lately. She was recently nominated for a bunch of Grammys for her first solo record, "Love, Music, Angel, Baby," and now Gwen & her husband Gavin Rossdale are going to have a baby! There have been rumors, but after Rossdale's father and Stefani's mother each separately confirmed them to US Weekly, it's finally official, Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her first child. '''We are delighted!'' Rossdale's father, Douglas, told Us in an interview from his home in London. When Us asked Stefani's mom, Patti, if she was excited, she proudly replied, ''Yes, but I don't do interviews.'' Congrats Gwen & Gavin!
    Source: AP , US Weekly


    In lovelier times.

    Oooooh! Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of Michael Jackson's children Prince & Paris, is fighting mad and ready for a smackdown! According to, In a secret hearing held Monday near Palm Springs, Rowe filed legal papers accusing Jackson of abducting the children and taking them to Bahrain. Fearing for their safety, Rowe wants the children returned to the United States and their passports surrendered. Jackson, who has been in an ongoing custody battle with Rowe, has virtually cut off all of her contact with the kids and she believes he took them to Bahrain to stop her from gaining custody. Rowe was being paid big bucks until Jackson cut her off last year after believing she broke their confidentiality agreement. The judge in the matter is yet to rule on the abduction motion. Those poor children. I don't think either one of them should have custody!


    Angelina Jolie's estranged father Jon Voight wants Angie to get going and start making pretty, pretty babies with Brad Pitt. He thinks that maybe the reason she adopted her children had more to do with her not finding the right man to be her baby daddy rather than wanting to help orphaned children. He says, "I'm not sure why she hasn't had her own children. Maybe she hasn't found the right father." He does seem to approve of her relationship with Pitt and the possibility of him impregnating her in the future, saying, "I like the look of Brad though. I've got a good feeling about him." No doubt these two will make stunning children. They are both naturally beautiful and have had no major plastic surgery on their faces to help 'em out (ok, MAYBE small nose adjustments, but they were still gorgeous before). But, I believe I have heard Angie say that with so many orphaned children in the world, she feels adopting is the right thing to do over having her own biological children. Although, now with Pitt in the picture and his strong desire to have children, I think they will also end up adding a biological child to their bunch soon enough.
    Source: Handbag




    Britney Spears has filed a 20 million dollar libel lawsuit against US Weekly for reporting back in October that she and hubby Kevin Federline had a sex tape on the loose. The lawsuit, filed Monday, seeks $10 million in libel damages and $10 million for misappropriating the 24-year-old pop singer's name and image to promote sales. According to the happy couple, no such tape exists. Britney is also pissed at the magazine for claiming that her and Kevin were "acting goofy the entire time" at a screening of the video that was to have taken place with her lawyers. They also added that the legal team viewing the tape was allegedly "torn between laughter and disgust" while viewing said footage. Spears says there was no footage, no meeting, no sex tape screening and she damn well didn't "act goofy!"
    Source: E! Online


    Hey, I love LOST's Michelle Rodriguez and will never say anything terribly bad about her here in fear that she will hunt me down and beat me up, but police reports and court documents show that she was a bit dramatic and difficult (surprised?) while dealing with the police who arrested her for alleged drunk driving earlier this month. KITV quoted the documents saying Rodriguez was "very argumentative" and kept interrupting the officer who was explaining drunk driving sanctions to her.
    "I don't (expletive) belong here! Why don't you just put a gun to my head and shoot me! You've already taken my freedom! You might as well take my life too!" she said. The officer who took Rodriguez in a police car to the Kailua substation quoted her as saying "Just take my car and I'll walk all the way to the North Shore but don't leave me in the back of this car poppie."
    Source: AP


    Oh wow. I hope my earlier post cheering with glee about Bo Bice replacing Ashlee Simpson on the Radio Music Awards didn't bring him bad luck. According to Teen People, Bice, suddenly fell ill while attending a radio forum at the Aladdin hotel-casino in Las Vegas on Sunday. After coughing up blood, he was taken out on a stretcher and brought to Desert Springs Hospital, where his wife Caroline kept him company through the night. "Bo is really bummed. His record is just coming out and he was so excited to perform," a friend tells Teen People.
    Roger Widynowski, a publicist for RCA Records said, "He didn't collapse but was rushed to the hospital." "Bo is doing fine, and he's going back to Nashville today for treatment." The Goo Goo Dolls will now fill in for Bice on The Radio Music Awards. I'm so sad, Poor Bo. He has been all over the place lately promoting his new CD The Real Thing, I guess it took a toll on him and his intestines. Feel better Bo!!
    Source: AP , People


    What the hell is going on? Tom Cruise has been dragging poor 6 month pregnant fiance Katie Holmes all over the freakin' country lately, keeping her out till the wee hours and all I keep wondering is how does she have the energy to do it? Just look at a bit of her schedule: According to People, Holmes and Cruise were in New York Thursday, dining, shopping and midnight ice skating (is that safe?), to celebrate her 27th birthday. On Friday the couple jetted off to Miami where they had dinner that night with Will Smith & Jada Pinkett, later all going to a club called "Snatch" around 1:20am where they stayed about an hour. Saturday afternoon they all took a private yacht touring the bay off the Florida coast, and later went for lunch. Then that night, Cruise and Holmes went to go watch Will Smith perform at a Florida radio station Jingle Ball concert.
    This does not even include the soccer games, trips to FAO Schwarz and all the birthday parties Cruise has thrown for Holmes recently that she has had to attend. Maybe it's just me, but when you are pregnant don't you to get incredibly, overwhelmingly tired a lot of the time? What is Cruise doing keeping Katie out until 2:30am? Maybe with the time difference from L.A. to Florida it's not that bad and she can stay out later, but I just don't understand it. If you want to put a totally scandalous twist on this, you must check out the scoop Conversations About Famous People was recently slipped saying that Katie might not be pregnant after all. Good stuff.
    Source/Photo: People


    Not to sound mean or wish ill on anyone, but good things are coming from Ashlee Simpson getting sick in Japan last week. After being admitted to the hospital, she had to cancel her performance on tonight's Radio Music Awards. Her replacement will be a performance by Bo Bice, which will be 1,000 times better than an Ashlee performance (sorry Ashlee.) After spending the weekend in the hospital, Simpson has flown home to recuperate alongside her family. There still has been no official diagnoses released as to what caused her to faint shortly after an appearance on MTV Japan last Thursday. I still find the timing of this and Jessica's divorce filing announcement to be very curious. But seriously, who really cares, we get to see Bo!! WATCH! WATCH! WATCH!
    Source: AP



    Well, any hopes for a Nick Lachey - Jessica Simpson reunion are over. Jessica filed for divorce today siting "irreconcilable differences." She has requested that the judge not award spousal support to Nick. Bitch! He helped make you! I really hope Nick finds a nice girl who appreciates him and I hope that Jessica gets stuck with stinky asses like Bam and Knoxville and that she realizes that she gave up a good man. Jesus! The guy had a bedroom made into a walk in closet for her!!! Is she crazy??! Today is quite the Simpson day. Sister Ashlee collapsed in Japan and was rushed to the the hospital. Oddly, Papa Joe said the family would wait to hear her diagnoses before going to see her. Maybe he felt it necessary to stay in town with his favorite daughter to help her file for the divorce. I can just imagine him saying some shit like, "egghhhh, Tina, it's only Ashlee after all. She's got her bandmates to take care of her! Jess can't even sleep in the house alone!"

    Source: AP


    This is really sad. I have a couple of friends who are going to be crushed about this.
    John Spencer who played a dedicated politico on "The West Wing" who survived a serious illness to run for vice president, died of a heart attack Friday, his publicist said. Spencer, 58, died at a Los Angeles hospital, said his publicist, Ron Hofmann. Spencer would have been 59 next week.Spencer played Leo McGarry, the chief of staff to President Jeb Bartlet (Martin Sheen) on the NBC series. In a sad parallel to life, McGarry suffered a heart attack that forced him to give up his White House job.


    I don't know if anyone still watches the show "Cheaters," but a few years back I used to be obsessed with it. Then, when the awesome host Tommy "you should be ashamed of yourself!" Grand was fired, I gave up on it. I mean, how could I go on watching it and not hear Grand say, "talk to me Gomez!" every week? After that, the show seemed to turn completely fake, especially when they tried to make viewers believe new host Joey Greco (no, I am not talking about Richard Grieco) got stabbed on a boat during one of his cheating confrontations.
    Now it looks like Greco and four members of his Cheaters crew are being indicted for assault. They allegedly assaulted a woman in Arlington, Texas who was trying to flee the scene after Greco, his crew and the wife's husband confronted her with a videotape of her having sex in a car on three separate occasions with a the town police captain. The alleged assault came when Greco and his crew tried to keep her on camera. UPI reports that "Cheaters" creator and executive producer Bobby Goldstein told the newspaper the charges were "just nuts" and joked he was "hiring Denny Crane from 'Boston Legal'" to represent his staff. What is horrible is that the woman's husband already has a trial pending for previous assault charges on her, Cheaters producers admit they knew about this and still proceeded with the confrontation. Anything for ratings, right?
    Source: UPI


    Tobey Maguire is reportedly planning to propose to his girlfriend Jennifer Meyer after 2 years of dating. Friends are claiming that Tobey decided he better step up to the plate after seeing his buddy Leonardo Di Caprio get his ass dumped by Gisele Bundchen after her alleged frustrations with him failing to commit. Now Leo is probably all alone, stuck looking at pictures of Gisele frolicking on the beach with new beau surfer Kelly Slater. Meyer, 28, is the daughter of Universal Studios president Ron Meyer and probably thrilled to death that the surprise of her boyfriend proposing to her has now been ruined for her.
    Source: WENN


    Ashlee Simpson collapsed Thursday and was hospitalized, shortly after a performance on MTV Japan. US Weekly is reporting that after Ashlee performed her hit song "Boyfriend," she told the audience she didn't feel well, thanked them and left the stage. Moments later she collapsed in an elevator. There has been no official report about the reason for the collapse, but the old "exhaustion" excuse (uh oh..) was thrown into the mix by an unnamed source close to the family. This source told US Weekly, "she's wanted to prove over and over to her fans that she can perform live after what happened on SNL last year." If you ask me, I think "unnamed source" can also be spelled as, "papa joe." How else does US Weekly seem to keep breaking these Simpson stories? Agh, Papa Joe or not, let's wish Ashlee a speedy recovery.... It's Christmastime! It's sad that the SNL incident keeps haunting her. People don't have to like her dad, ashlee, or like the type of music she makes, but she has proved that she can sing just fine, so let's just get over it. Give the poor girl a break.
    Source: AP , US Weekly.



    Jenny Shimizu went on Q TV to "set the record straight" regarding the alleged interview she gave to The Sun Newspaper recently speaking about Angelina Jolie, her realtionship with her and Shimizu's thoughts on Brad Pitt. She denied the quotes, but what is interesting is that Shimizu admits she didn't even read the interview. Huh? She tells Q TV she has never even met Brad and would never say anything "like that" about someone she hasn't met. Well, to my recollection, she didn't make any bad comments about Brad per se, just allegedly gave her opinion on whether or not she thinks the relationship would last. She seems like a nice enough girl, but the best part of the Q TV interview is when she is talking about the gossip rags and calls Brad Angelina's husband: "I think they lead on to make some type of warning to the husband, or..y'know, Brad." Hmmm....those marriage rumors have been flying around like crazy. Did Shimizu just misspeak or did she, ooops! slip up and let the cat outta the bag?
    Watch it all here


    That explains it. The other night I went to the newsstand to collect all my fabulous new tabloids and of course, throw some intelligent reading into the mix, that of Radar Magazine. When I couldn't find it anywhere and asked the the newsstand guy where it was, he told me "the new issue isn't in yet." Little did I know that the "new issue" would never be in. To my horror, Radar Magazine folded yesterday after only 3 issues. Recently relaunched, Radar was just like another one of my pop culture favorites, Dennis Miller, who is never given the kudos he deserves and therefore, his talkshows always get cancelled. As much as I love to read the trash in the tabloids (but I now feel guilty for contributing to this and buying them), it depresses me when an intelligent, thought provoking, on the edge magazine like Radar can't get advertisers and is forced to close down. Let alone, crap like In Touch Weekly, Celebrity Living, US Weekly and Star thrive. Well, at least we still have their website.
    Source: Newsday


    We here at Tabloid Whore! are big fans of Nancy Grace. Basically, this woman is a former prosecut0r and kicks some serious B-O-O-T-A-Y on her Court TV and CNN law related shows. Ok, so I may not always agree with her (eg: when she tried to fry my Bobby Blake), but the chick is tough and sticks to her guns. Not to mention, I love how dramatic she gets, how she always ends her show with the closing, "Goodnight Friend" and she is always entertaining to watch. Well, a mental patient named Joseph Raymond Loegering is allegedly stalking the fabulous Ms. Grace. This man claims to be in love with her and Nancy, being the tough bitch she is, is having no part of his reindeer games. She has obtained a court order telling him to leave her the hell alone. Below you will find highlights from the AP and a link to the complete article on Ms. Grace and her accused stalker. Stay strong Nancy.
    • The man is "apparently obsessed with Ms. Grace, believes that he loves her, insists that she can solve all of his problems and will help him to meet with Osama bin Laden, Grace's court papers say.
    • Grace says in court papers filed Tuesday that since Nov. 18, Loegering, whom she has never met, "has engaged in a continuous pattern of harassment and stalking of plaintiff by e-mail and telephone and by attempting to enter her place of employment."
    • On Nov. 18, court papers say, Loegering sent Grace an e-mail telling her he was coming to New York to see her. "I would like to talk to you as soon as posible (sic) so that we can work things out," court papers quote the e-mail message as saying.

    Read the rest here: AP



    America's Next Top Model's reunion show was on TV tonight and I lovvvves me some America's Next Top Model. It's seriously one of my favorite reality shows after Big Brother. First off, I can't believe they let that crybaby Casandra "I love my hair!" back on after she walked off because her precious hair was cut off. Boo hoo crybaby. I'm sorry, but I thought she looked better after they cut her hair short and bleached it blonde. Well, typical pageant girl, she got rid of the hot bitch look and had brown extensions put in. Ok, she actually looked really pretty with the extensions, but still. My girl Kim was there and they revisited her kiss with Sarah. They both looked utterly embarrassed when watching the make out clips. To her horror, Sarah learned that too much alcohol turns her into Anne Heche. Kim looked great and I think she lost a little bit of weight. Oh, and then there was Lisa, dear Lisa. First off, I never liked Lisa. Chicks gonna be known for the rest of her life as the girl on Top Model who pee'd in a diaper trying to impress Steve-O and Wee Man. One of my friends spotted Lisa recently working as a hostess or something at a restaurant in L.A. A few of us kids want to go to the restaurant now. Even though I didn't like her on Top Model (but I do love her new blonde hair), I promise to behave myself and bite my tongue when all I wanna do is yell out in honor of Coryn, "Alcoholiccc Bitttch!" I very well might leave her a Depends for a tip though. Is that so wrong? Even worse than Lisa is that evil Jayla. Oh my God, that girl has the devil coming out of her eyes. She has this mousy brown hair color now and it's all weird ass choppy. Karma. Ms. Ebony still talks like her teeth are superglued together, but it's like a big constant smile and I like her. This years winner Nicole looked cute, except she had this really f'd up left eyebrow and it distracted me. Unfortunately, the one question I hoped to be answered tonight was not and that's, with all those hidden cameras in the ANTM house, how could they still not know who stole Bree's crappy ass granola bars?!
    Photo: zap2it