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BRAD RENFRO IN DRUG ARREST. provided this photo of Renfro at his arrest featured on the front page of
the 12/23/05 Los Angeles Times.
Ouch. That's harsh.
Remember that actor Brad Renfro? You don't? That's ok cuz neither did I and had to look him up....he was the kid in the movies, "The Client" and "Apt Pupil" and he is a very naughty boy. Renfrow, now 23, was arrested yesterday for allegedly trying to buy heroin from an undercover officer. Renfro was picked up in a random police sting down on good 'ol Skid Row along with 14 other suspects. This isn't Renfrow's first drug-related arrest, in 1998 he was charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine but avoided jail time with a plea bargain. Then in January 2001 he tried to steal someone's yacht and somehow, again, got off with 2 years probation. Probation? That didn't stop him! Renfro then got himself arrested in May 2001 and charged with underage drinking. The next year, he was charged with driving without a license and public intoxication. Both violated terms of his probation. Renfro was ordered into an alcohol rehabilitation program in March 2002. Give me a break, this guy is another Eddie Furlong. Allegedly.
Source: FOX News


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He used to be so hot. Oh well.

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