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Apparently there are topless photos floating around of Jennifer Aniston sunbathing in her back yard, AGAIN. You can calm right down boys, because I don't have 'em. This same thing happened to her in 2002, when she settled a lawsuit against two magazines for publishing photos of her snapped by paparazzi who scaled one of her neighbors walls and took photos of her sunbathing in just her Calvins. Well, circa December 2005, a new crop of topless photos were emailed from paparazzi Peter Brandt to trash magazine editors, most likely looking for the highest bidder. That's when Aniston's lawyer swung into action and sent out letters to a bunch of those trash mags threatening them with an "invasion of privacy" lawsuit if ANYONE and I mean ANYONE thinks of publishing these new photos for the world to see. A lawsuit has been filed against the paparazzo, Peter Brandt, claiming he the took the photos of Aniston from a mile away with a super-duper high powered lens. Brandt denies the claim telling told Reuters, "I've been in this business for 25 years and I don't do anything illegal. I was 300 yards away and anybody on that hillside could have seen her." Allegedly, Brandt was only hoping to capture some shots of Aniston with Vince Vaughn, but to Brandt's surprise, Aniston allegedly was on her deck with her boobies hanging out in full view. Seriously, after already going through this before and knowing that paparrazi are after her ass more than ever, should she really have taken the top off? I know it's her back yard and all, but unfortunately, she of all people should know these guys are watching her any moment she walks out the door. Yes, Jen deserves her privacy like all of us, but c'mon! He's a friggin' paparazzo! Can you blame him for whipping out his camera?
CLICK HERE to see the letter Aniston's lawyer sent to the trash mags, courtesy of The Smoking Gun.
Source: The Smoking Gun, Reuters


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throne is spelled wrong in this sentence.... Vanilla Ice has officially been kicked off his thrown.....should be "throne." just thought i'd let you know! and you're right, kevin's new song is craptastic.

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