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Jenny Shimizu went on Q TV to "set the record straight" regarding the alleged interview she gave to The Sun Newspaper recently speaking about Angelina Jolie, her realtionship with her and Shimizu's thoughts on Brad Pitt. She denied the quotes, but what is interesting is that Shimizu admits she didn't even read the interview. Huh? She tells Q TV she has never even met Brad and would never say anything "like that" about someone she hasn't met. Well, to my recollection, she didn't make any bad comments about Brad per se, just allegedly gave her opinion on whether or not she thinks the relationship would last. She seems like a nice enough girl, but the best part of the Q TV interview is when she is talking about the gossip rags and calls Brad Angelina's husband: "I think they lead on to make some type of warning to the husband, or..y'know, Brad." Hmmm....those marriage rumors have been flying around like crazy. Did Shimizu just misspeak or did she, ooops! slip up and let the cat outta the bag?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the whole Shimizu interview exclusive on Q Television. I thought she handled herself quite well. By the way, Shimizu is hot. Angelina should get with her than with Brad Pitt.

I love Q Television. Can't get enough of it!

2:43 PM, December 16, 2005  

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