Tabloid Whore!



Death used to be the only thing that came in three's. Now we have pregnancies and divorces too! The latest Hollywood couple hopping on the divorce train (following Zellweger and Chesney) is Ms. Tori "Donna Martin Graduates" Spelling. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that a source close to the couple has said the two have separated and have been living apart since early last month. Hmmm....I do remember a while back seeing some pictures of her out with a very cute boy that was NOT her husband. Oh it's a shame not only because she had the most beautiful wedding dress (do ya think she'd let me borrow it now?), but because her and her hubby met over 3 years ago and did the "Anti-Hollywood" thing and dated before they got married. Maybe her husband was none too pleased back in May when she licked on Usher at one of his concerts during the Kentucky Derby. The New York Daily News had a story that said, "Tori came over to Usher, who was dancing on a table. She shook his hand. Then she began caressing it, then she ran it all over her face. Then she licked his fingers," a source claims." Naughty, naughty. Well, we all remember how slutty Donna Martin got after she lost her virginity.

Who knows, maybe Tori and hubby can have better luck like Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen and work at reconciliation. Anyway, I have a soft spot in my heart for Ms. Tori as her "made for TV" movies like "Mother May I Sleep With Danger," "Co-Ed Call Girl" and my all time favorite "A Friend To Die For" (with the also fab Kelli Martin), have brought me sheer joy on the random lonely Sunday afternoon watching Lifetime.

Good luck girl.


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