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I don't know if anyone still watches the show "Cheaters," but a few years back I used to be obsessed with it. Then, when the awesome host Tommy "you should be ashamed of yourself!" Grand was fired, I gave up on it. I mean, how could I go on watching it and not hear Grand say, "talk to me Gomez!" every week? After that, the show seemed to turn completely fake, especially when they tried to make viewers believe new host Joey Greco (no, I am not talking about Richard Grieco) got stabbed on a boat during one of his cheating confrontations.
Now it looks like Greco and four members of his Cheaters crew are being indicted for assault. They allegedly assaulted a woman in Arlington, Texas who was trying to flee the scene after Greco, his crew and the wife's husband confronted her with a videotape of her having sex in a car on three separate occasions with a the town police captain. The alleged assault came when Greco and his crew tried to keep her on camera. UPI reports that "Cheaters" creator and executive producer Bobby Goldstein told the newspaper the charges were "just nuts" and joked he was "hiring Denny Crane from 'Boston Legal'" to represent his staff. What is horrible is that the woman's husband already has a trial pending for previous assault charges on her, Cheaters producers admit they knew about this and still proceeded with the confrontation. Anything for ratings, right?
Source: UPI


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad Joey Greco and his 4 scum secuity people were busted ha ha now whos the one who should be ashamed Joey Faggot Greco I hope they stay in jail for 2-10 years in jail and a 500,000 dollar fine or higher so kiss my ass greco and the show cheaters i hope u are all cannceled and gone

10:16 AM, December 26, 2005  

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