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That explains it. The other night I went to the newsstand to collect all my fabulous new tabloids and of course, throw some intelligent reading into the mix, that of Radar Magazine. When I couldn't find it anywhere and asked the the newsstand guy where it was, he told me "the new issue isn't in yet." Little did I know that the "new issue" would never be in. To my horror, Radar Magazine folded yesterday after only 3 issues. Recently relaunched, Radar was just like another one of my pop culture favorites, Dennis Miller, who is never given the kudos he deserves and therefore, his talkshows always get cancelled. As much as I love to read the trash in the tabloids (but I now feel guilty for contributing to this and buying them), it depresses me when an intelligent, thought provoking, on the edge magazine like Radar can't get advertisers and is forced to close down. Let alone, crap like In Touch Weekly, Celebrity Living, US Weekly and Star thrive. Well, at least we still have their website.
Source: Newsday


Anonymous Brian said...

I was so sad to hear this news the other day... it became one of my favorite reads very quickly!

3:06 PM, December 16, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the Fuck, i had to lobby my school to get that fuckin mag, and now they fold! I loved radar, this is is some bullshit, i am going to type a stern letter right now!!!!!!

9:37 PM, December 27, 2005  

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