Tabloid Whore!



Oh man. Gossip is very slow, so we will talk about this bottom of the barrel news. Bin Laden's rebellious niece, Wafah Dufour (26), is really going to piss him off. Dufour, who has dreams of launching a music career in the United States, has posed for GQ magazine "reclining on satin sheets wrapped in a feather boa and sporting high heels." She thinks that this photo shoot is a way to prove to Americans that she does not condone or support Bin Laden in any way (and gee! maybe now we will buy her record!). She says, "It's really tough that I always have to explain myself. I was born in the States, and I want people to know I'm American, and I want people here to understand that I'm like anyone in New York. For me, it's home." Hmmm, maybe she should start by not using the Bin Laden name as a way to pimp her singing career. Not to mention, thinking that she can show how "American" she is by appearing in GQ in lingerie with a "hey U.S.! Look! I can be slutty like the rest of you!" attitude is not going to win her any fans. LAME!
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