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America's Next Top Model's reunion show was on TV tonight and I lovvvves me some America's Next Top Model. It's seriously one of my favorite reality shows after Big Brother. First off, I can't believe they let that crybaby Casandra "I love my hair!" back on after she walked off because her precious hair was cut off. Boo hoo crybaby. I'm sorry, but I thought she looked better after they cut her hair short and bleached it blonde. Well, typical pageant girl, she got rid of the hot bitch look and had brown extensions put in. Ok, she actually looked really pretty with the extensions, but still. My girl Kim was there and they revisited her kiss with Sarah. They both looked utterly embarrassed when watching the make out clips. To her horror, Sarah learned that too much alcohol turns her into Anne Heche. Kim looked great and I think she lost a little bit of weight. Oh, and then there was Lisa, dear Lisa. First off, I never liked Lisa. Chicks gonna be known for the rest of her life as the girl on Top Model who pee'd in a diaper trying to impress Steve-O and Wee Man. One of my friends spotted Lisa recently working as a hostess or something at a restaurant in L.A. A few of us kids want to go to the restaurant now. Even though I didn't like her on Top Model (but I do love her new blonde hair), I promise to behave myself and bite my tongue when all I wanna do is yell out in honor of Coryn, "Alcoholiccc Bitttch!" I very well might leave her a Depends for a tip though. Is that so wrong? Even worse than Lisa is that evil Jayla. Oh my God, that girl has the devil coming out of her eyes. She has this mousy brown hair color now and it's all weird ass choppy. Karma. Ms. Ebony still talks like her teeth are superglued together, but it's like a big constant smile and I like her. This years winner Nicole looked cute, except she had this really f'd up left eyebrow and it distracted me. Unfortunately, the one question I hoped to be answered tonight was not and that's, with all those hidden cameras in the ANTM house, how could they still not know who stole Bree's crappy ass granola bars?!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg, i thought i was the only one who noticed nicole's f*cked eyebrow! she's really not that pretty and it's a shame she won the competiton. i bet you jayla is the one who DID steal bre's granola bar!!

6:04 AM, December 15, 2005  
Anonymous jpfl said...

girl....I was watching this show just to find out who the granola thief was...this is almost as big a mystery as the Carver. I hate Bree,I would have stolen her granola too.

7:43 AM, December 15, 2005  

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