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"Kaysar and janelle laughing about April. Janelle says April looks like Lisa Kudrow on crack. " ...... Posted on the Big Brother Live Feed updates tonight.

I told ya Jizzy knows the show like no one else!

OK. This is a big week. To my horror, Kaysar is up for eviction again, this time with James. Our only hope is that he will win the veto and someone else will have to be put up. It's too soon, Kaysar cannot go! I have to say how funny it was on Saturday's episode when James and Sarah both showed their horns and kept saying "Hi Eric" to the camera because they were so happy about his eviction and now watching the show from home. Love sarcasm. I can't believe I used to like Ivette. She is so annoying with her "ghetto" inventions, ghetto food, ghetto slide, ghetto hummingbird feeder, ghetto me a freakin' break IIIIvette! Not to mention if she says "Cappy" one more time....what kind of nickname is that??? I hate it! There really has to be a end to everyone running into the HOH each time someone new goes in. James said it best about Maggie, "go listen to your music and smoke your banana peels." You know that no one gives a crap about Maggies pictures, squishy pillows or stupid turtles. I don't even give a crap about Maggie or the whole "darkside" group and please tell me, why is Jennifer even there? She never even talks and is a waste of a houseguest.
Howie is still in rare form, talking about "boobies," kissing Beau to try to win over the gay guy, and saying how he is going to attract people from all different "ethniticities." Seriously though, what is going on with Howie and Beau??? I think I want them to fall in love!
I'm really bummed, I think Kaysar is going. Hmmm...although, that does mean he will be out and about town and available to date!


Oh how quickly things change. It had only been 3 months since Stephen left Kristin and Laguna Beach for college and by the time he comes back for the Christmas break, that Ho Kristin has already moved on with a new boy from USC named Matt! What ever happened to Kristin saying that she didn't want to date anyone else and that she hoped whenever Stephen would come back from college, they would be together??? Huh, Kristin???! Oh my God, could the first episode of the new season be anymore heartbreaking? Poor Stephen, who is still in love with Kristin was practically brought to tears by the way she was treating him..more or less, just writing him off. Bitch! Don't even get me started about the scene where they met for the first time at the beach or at Lo's party where she was jumping up and down about her USC boy. First off, why was she even invited to that? I'm telling you, Stephen needs to forget Kristin and go with his best friend Lauren. First off, she is ten times prettier and classier than Kristin and would never break his heart. But isn't it always like that? Boys seem to want the girls that treat them like crap and then overlook the ones that treat them like kings. The episode ended with Stephen taking Lauren out to dinner and then going in the hot tub together. In the previews for later in the season, Stephen will ask Lauren what kind of relationship she thinks they would have had if they actually tried to have one. Damn you Stephen, stop playing with my girls heart and just date her! The rest of the episode consisted of seeing virgins Morgan and Christina, who are still as boring as they were in season one, newbie Jessica, who lets her loser boyfriend Jason cheat on her (uh, hun, he aint that cute) and also some weirdo chick named Casey who has these nappy long ass blonde extensions and loves pageants. Sadly, cutie Trey did not make an appearance and is probably too busy spreading the word about "Active Young America" to the kids in New York. Anyway, looks like it will be an interesting season, but I'm still really only interested in the original crew.



Tick tock, tick tock. Oh time is a tickin' away for Paula Abdul and you know she is sweating. The producers of "American Idol" and Fox TV hired an independent counsel to determine whether Ms. Paula did indeed have an affair or not with former contestant Corey Clark. Results are due soon and going to be made public. Fox Entertainment President Peter Liguori refused to say whether or not Paula would get the boot if the allegations against her are found to be true. You know what that means, she ain't going nowhere. Personally, I believe Paula did have an affair with gross Corey, but hey, we all make mistakes. Plus, Paula had been drugged up on all those pain pills for her neck and dealing with chronic pain and I am sure it affected her judgment. Look at him. He is gross and honestly, the embarrassment for her that this affair was made public and Corey's kiss and tell on Howard Stern (we learned Paula is "allegedly" very quiet in the bedroom and does not like it rough) is bad enough. I love how the new trend is to make a witch hunt when a woman makes a mistake (Paula, Martha Stewart, all those women having affairs with their students) but when a man does it, he seems to get away with it. Lets not even get into those "alleged" rumors about one of the male Producers and Kimberly Locke had an on going affair and she made it to final 3. You would only know about that if you were an obsessive message board reader like Tabloid Whore because the press never cared to pick up the story. As much as me and my friends (and I'm sure the majority of the viewing public) make fun of Paula for her marble mouth, clapping like a seal and all her stupid comments on the show, you know if she was gone ya might actually miss her. Now Randy, that's another story.



Mischa Barton has been seen all around town lately with her alleged new beau Hollywood stylist Johnny Wujek who IMHO is hunky and much better looking than that greasy ex Brandon Davis. BUT, some are speculating that this new "relationship" could all be a hoax to make her ex jealous. Fresh Intelligence is reporting, "Mischa wants everyone to think she dumped Brandon,” one source says. “But the truth is, he’s the one who wanted out. She’s desperate to make him jealous and get him back.” Her tactics have been far from subtle. For instance, when Brandon, 22, stumbled across the pair at the Roosevelt Hotel’s pool recently, Barton and Wujek immediately “went into PDA overdrive,” says a witness. “They were making out all hot and heavy right in front of Brandon, who looked pretty pissed and finally just left.” The best part of the story is that when contacted for comment, Barton’s publicist, Craig Schneider, said that there’s “no way” his client and the stylist are dating. “It’s not even possible,” he added, “if you catch my drift.”


Poor cheatin' Jude Law...times are tough for the 'ol bloke. Today it was reported that fiance Sienna Miller has officially called off their 8 month engagement and told him she never wants to see him again. If that wasn't bad enough, the nanny has told London's Sunday Mirror that Law was, shall we say...a little quick in the sack. "When we had sex he made me feel so wonderful, my whole body trembled! He finished very quickly, looking at me and saying, 'Sorry." I said, 'Stop being sorry.' He said, 'I can't do anything right at the moment.' " Now if that wasn't enough to challenge his manhood, she also revealed that he likes stuffed animals, " I awoke to find Jude sitting on my bed, stroking my face, holding my teddy." Talk about being in the doghouse.



And Kaysar watched as the color drained from Maggies face.
B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T moment tonight. King Kaysar as he is now referred to, did not fail to disappoint. James finally showed his balls and only for a second I feared he wouldn't use the veto, but thankfully he did and I think Marsallas will be the only one in Big Brother history to make that ego of a mistake. Thursday's show is going to be pretty obvious, Eric's gonna be evicted from the Big Brother house. I wish sourpuss crybaby Maggie would walk out with him. My only fear that came out of tonight's show was that Kaysar's power is emanatingating from his freakin' pores and I worry that it puts a target on his back. Maybe the others will stick to the final 6 (ha, remember when it used to be final 3? Whatever!) agreement, but, honestly, I'm a little nervous. Tonight's wrap up is gonna be short cuz I'm just speechless from it's brilliance. Jizzy, if you can, hit me with a guest wrap up!


Vince Vaughn thinks people who write/read/talk about celebrity gossip are losers. He recently told reporters, "I don't know who spends their time on `Oh my God, what happened today?'"
And since Vince is such a rolemodel, he shelled out some advice for the little people who he seems to think live vicariously through him, "Go kiss someone and go get something to eat and take a nap, you're going to be fine, kid." Yah, fuck you Vince and here's some advice for you: Lay off the booze because it has caught up with you and given you bags, not to mention a big ass pot belly. You used to be known as the hot guy, you are now known as the fat funny guy. It's alright, just do about 100 crunches a day, and you'll be fine kid!


Star Magazine is reporting that Jared Leto has come to his senses and dumped his little teenager after a hot crazy week of clubbing and is not even returning her calls. In my best Ashley speak and valley girl accent I ask, like, oh my god, like what could y'know Ashley Olsen and that totally hot Jordan Catalano, like, possibly have in common?

I'm a god-damn Olsen Jared! I have like a bazillion dollars, y'know, and I wear really big sunglasses cuz me and my coked up, uh i mean anorexic sister who dresses like a hobo are just like toooo cool, oh ma gawd! Like, call me back...okaaaay?



Everyone has seen the pictures of Katie Holmes and her mouth sores soon after her relationship with Tom Cruise went public. Was it a result of too much kissing? Cold Sores? Well, The Daily News is reporting that the latest speculation is that it is side affects from a Church of Scientology "detoxification" procedure involving the vitamin niacin. They go on to say, "Science-fiction writer and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard maintained that taking niacin in combination with exercise and sauna sessions helps purge the body of "radiation," Hubbard's shorthand for negative alien substances in the body. The B-complex vitamin - which is used in traditional medicine to decrease cholesterol and improve circulation - can cause a red flush on the face and a diffuse itchy rash on the body when taken in large doses." When asked if this could be a result of the detoxification procedure, offended Scientology reps responded, "Whatever you see on her face has got nothing to do with us. It's insulting that you would ask such a thing."

Hmmm....sounds like a bit of a far fetched theory to me. I still don't understand though, WHY would she leave the house like that, especially just to go shopping??!



First off, Yvette should have been nominated just for that simple admission alone. Instead James (who if you haven’t figured it out, was knocked off of my cute boy pedistal weeks ago and replaced by Kaysar) and Maggie are up on the block. If someone has to go, then let’s say Maggie, only because she is Eric’s partner and looks kinda like Sue Hawk from Survivor. Either way, I don’t really care this week who goes. I really hope that Kaysar didn’t buy James and Sarah’s lie that they are not teamed up. I think my hunky Iraqi is too smart for that and cannot be fooled so easily. He really is brilliant and I love how he knows this game so well and doesn’t just sit buy and let things happen. Like he said, he’s gonna start an “all out war” in the house.

Which reminds me, Is it completely horrible that I find an irony in Kaysar wearing an FBI hat? I know that sounds terrible and I don't mean it to be. OK, let's move on....As the headline screams, we learned lesbian Yvette longs to talk about the beautiful love she has with her girlfriend and that they call each other TUSHIE PIE! Oh. My. God. I just, am speechless. Boyfriend or Girlfriend, would you ever really admit to calling someone that? Honey, Baby, Smoocher, Foofer, Sweet Cheeks, Hot Ass could all be acceptable, but Tushie Pie? Eeeeeeech. That whole segment was cringe inducing!!

Howie, dear Howie, I love him more every single week. He makes me laugh so much that I don’t care if he wears speedos and is always kissing the men in the house. Tonight we learned that he 1) Thinks that Rachel is a fine piece of hide 2) Is a Jedi 3) Looooves panties. To quote him, “Ohhh I loovvvvvvve panties!!!” Oh I looovvvvve HOWIE!

Here are some of Howie's best quotes featured in Entertainment Weekly:

''Hey, Beau, with your experience and your expertise in it, is there anyone else in the house you know is either lesbonic or gay?''

''People are appalled by me, disgusted by me, but deep down they're like, 'That's awesome!'''

''I've never seen kung fu porn, but I'd like to.''



America's Sweetheart Julia Roberts accompanied by her twin babies Phinnaeus and Hazel sparked outrage recently among the residents of Santa Monica, CA while running various errands around town . What did she do you ask? Did she breast feed in public? Did she forget to throw the twins' dirty diapers in the trash? Apparently the resident's of Santa Monica think she did something much worse. Roberts was spotted driving her eco-friendly Toyota Prius with, oh dear.....EXPIRED TAGS!! A local resident who wished to remain anonymous spoke bitterly about the incident, "It's ridiculous! While I understand it's quite normal to be a few days late, three months is just crazy. If an everyday person with a 9-5 can remember to get it done within a timely fashion, a movie star with a staff to help remind her certainly should be able to."

-sigh. -eyeroll-



Oh please. NOT again. Reports are surfacing that Courtney Love was rushed by ambulance Wednesday night from a party at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she "flatlined," a source close to Love told E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca Thursday. Her publicist is downplaying the incident though saying that "Courtney was feeling sick, nauseous, dizzy and a little faint. Her friend called 911 out of concern, and they took her to the hospital, and she was released immediately." Hmmmm. This one is hard to judge because yes, we immediately always think the worst with Courtney considering her past. But Shiiit, it's been like 95 degrees at 9pm in Los Angeles the past couple weeks, who wouldn't get nauseous, dizzy and faint? I really hope CL isn't fucking up again because that kid Francis Bean needs a mom. She seems surprisingly intelligent and normal for all that she has gone though in her life with her dad Kurt Cobain killing himself and her mom a continuous junkie. Speaking of Kurt, I'm hoping to see Gus Van Sant's new movie "Last Days" this weekend which is about the final hours of a brilliant, troubled musician (modeled after Kurt Cobain).


Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Geller are my absolutely favorite Hollywood couple for a couple reasons. They are truly in love (there is no beard action going on here), they don't whore out their relationship and they are just a gorgeous couple. When me and my girlfriends swoon around the watercolor over what Hollywood husbands we think are dreamy, Freddie comes in 1st, Nick Lachey 2nd. One time I was waiting for some take-out and Freddie just happened to be chatting on his cell phone doing the same a couple tables away from me. Ohhh was he talking to Sarah, I wondered? Never before was I happier to report back to my girls that this cute boy did not 1) check me out, or 2) try to talk to me, therefore, proving once again that he is the perfect husband. So you think this man cannot get any better? Well, Page Six is reporting the following about Mr. Dreamboat:

"Freddie threatened William Morris Agency President Dave Wirtschafter during a phone conversation several months ago. In March, Prinze was furious after Wirtschafter told The New Yorker that Prinze's wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, was "nothing" before she starred in the hit horror flick "The Grudge," and he called the WMA president." "Freddie was very angry," "Dave wasn't even her agent — George Freeman was — so Freddie said, 'I don't want to hear you talking about my wife. You don't even know her. Make sure you don't run into me on the street.' " Wirtschafter shot back, "Are you threatening me?" — to which Prinze said, "It's not a threat; it's just the truth." When William Morris Chairman Jim Wyatt got wind of this exchange he called Freddie and asked whether he had threatened Wirtschafter. That prompted Prinze, who has more cojones than most people in Hollywood, to declare: "He bad-mouthed my wife — you bet I am!"

Why oh why can we not have more real men like this in the world? One that is hot, talented, puts his woman first without even blinking an eye worrying about how it might jepordize his career. No woman should accept anything less than that! Sarah, you are one lucky bitch!



Tonight, not surprisingly, Michael was the 2nd person evicted from the Big Brother house. No more Spiderman kisses for him and Janelle. But, at least he's not poor. Right Janelle? What kind of idiot breaks up with her NY boyfriend over the television when her Big Brother boyfriend was going to get evicted the same night? Aside from that, who knew that Michael was European?? That must have gone in one ear and out the other when it was first mentioned because when Beau said that, I was like, "huh?? wahh?" Now that explains why those bastards were making fun of his teeth. So mean. I felt bad for him. I know they are kinda pointy, but still. I liked the guy and I think the girls that complained about him were uptight prudes. Also, what happened to his hand when he was leaving the house? He was shaking it and saying "owww" and then later he had a bandage on the inside of his hand. Weird. Even weirder, did anyone notice that Julie "I fumble my lines on live TV" Chen was wearing body glitter? Fancy. The best part of the show guessed it, my man Kaysar winning HOH! Ha! Ha! All you bitches (eric, april, maggie, yvette) who's your daddy now?! Kaysar! If I were you, I would start praying to Alah that you don't get nominated next for eviction! Side note: I felt really bad for Howie when the majority said they would rather have Janelle babysit their child, did you see the look on his face???

We also got to catch up with some of the peeps in season 5. Holly is still a freakin ding bat idiot. I hate her and her squeaky annoying voice and pink bedroom. ew. Jace lost a lot of weight and actually looked reaaaaaally good, but we learned he liked country music. yikes. The most uncomfortable moment came when we caught up with newly discovered brother and sister Nacomis and Michael. Ok, that whole segment was just freakin weird. The two, who found out during Big Brother that they were actually brother and sister haven't even seen each other since the end of the show last year! Nacomis didn't even go to Cowboy's wedding! Maybe he didn't want to invite her because she has that awful Easter egg green hair. Horrifying. The twins Adria and Natalie are still boring and still have those horrible deep voices and southern accents. Plus, they looked a bit chunky to be the "fitness twins." Diane is still embarrassingly bitter that Drew blew her off. And lastly, we saw the breathtaking DREW, hunk and winner of Big Brother 5. He is the most beautiful man and now that I know he lives in Los Angeles, heh, heh, heh, watch out Drew, Tabloid Whore is going to find you and corrupt you!


My favorite Friend Courtney Cox has revealed that like Brooke Shields, she too suffered with postpartum depression, 6 months after baby Coco was born. She tells USA Today, "I couldn't sleep. My heart was racing. And I got really depressed. I went to the doctor and found out my hormones had been pummeled." Unlike Shields who went on Paxil, Cox took the steroid hormone progesterone to help her with the imbalance. Cox said she suffered from feelings of "smallness" and urges to drive off a cliff. Yikes. We're glad your doing better Courtney. Lovvvves you!


This photo has not been doctored. This is the new, awesome, healthy Jack Osbourne. Drugs suck. He's been living clean for over a year now and has lost 30 pounds since April. He is participating in the British series "Extreme Celebrity Detox." Yay Jack! Now if only Kelly could follow his lead.


MWAAAHHAHAHAA! How much do we love the smoking gun? They uncovered that 2 weeks before going into the Big Brother house, Janelle, probably in fear of being arrested on live television, answered a 3 1/2 year old bench warrant issued to her for failing to appear in court for some stuff she ripped off from Macy's years ago. She pleaded to the petty theft rap and was fined $982 and ordered to stay at least 100 yards from Macy's. Macy's? Ew. They also uncovered a drunk driving arrest in 2000, where again, she failed over and over to 1) appear in court and 2) complete the mandatory alcohol program. Here's the full story. What a loser!


Yah, yah, for all of you who were is what Angie's new adopted Ethiopian orphan kid Zahara Marley looks like....after she ripped her out of her Grandmother's arms!


I guess third times not the charm for Pamela and Tommy Lee. Pammy released a statement today dismissing the rumors that they are heading to the alter for another round, "There is absolutely no truth to the recent tabloid reports Tommy Lee and I are engaged and getting married. I have two beautiful children with Tommy and I will continue to be close friends and supportive of him." Ahh Shucks.




At least that's what a Romanian charity thinks after Crawford demanded a private jet, luxury accommodations and all expenses paid in return for her appearance at a charity event in Romania. The Sun newspaper quotes charity spokesperson Ruxandra Cusnir as saying, "I hope organizers don't spend all the money settling Cindy Crawford's bill." At first I was all ready to give Cindy a hard time about this until I stopped and thought about it. If I was her and had to go all the way to freakin' Romania and not even get an appearance fee I would want a private jet too. Although, for the sake of charity, she should probably just pay for the stinkin' hotel and expenses. She's got enough money and her hubby owns all those bars. On second thought, she she should also be using all that money she is saving on cutting her son's hair and drop the nickel for the jet too. Damn celebrities, all they do is think about themselves!



Tonight, chaos broke out in the Big Brother house!!! Even Big Brother was scared as he frantically came over the loud speaker ordering the houseguests to disperse and go to different areas of the house! It was awesome!!! Here is a link to a webpage that has a transcript of some things that got bleeped out like Mike telling Eric he had a small penis, plus pictures and video of the fight.

So, the other day, me and my Boy Jizzy were keepin' it real over some Peet's coffee and Big Brother talk. When he told me that Eric had to go, I said, "c'mon, give him props. He's a firefighter, we gotta like him." Well, I admit here, that I should have listened to the wise one and bailed on Eric at that very moment. I certainly have after tonight and Saturday nights episode. His playing the hero role has got to go...not to mention, he has taken the Head of Household title a bit too seriously, like, what's up with telling everyone not to eat all the food at once? Annoying! I also don't like how he has been calling Mike a sexual harasser. Give me a break and loosen up people! AND, Yvette is now off my list of favorites. Shut up with your "I'm Cuban, I can get loud!" or "I'm about to go Cuban on him!" comments. Other things to note: Kaysar is still H-O-T, hot, hot, hot AND, Janelle and Mike have begun making out......

Jizzy and everyone else who watches, YOUR COMMENTS ARE REQUESTED!


OK. So, Johnny "I pinch my nipples with pliers" Knoxville is begging the press to stop the completely false rumors out there about him and Jessica Simpson. He is afterall, married. I had often wondered why he hadn't said anything sooner or why we barely heard about his wife Melanie Clapp. Knoxville said he "is used to hurtful gossip, but his loved ones are finding it difficult to deal with" and adds, "Jessica and I are just friends. She's a great girl and all that, but all the rumors. I just take it in my stride, but it's kind of hurtful to the families that are involved." I understand Johnny. I never believed the rumors that Jess gave you a Hummer (not the car) or that you did her in the bum so she wouldn't really be cheating on Nick. Never believed 'em for a second!


I guess birthday parties are still on when you are waiting to go to the big house! Lil Kim's got her priorities straight alright, but she just can't catch a break, boo hoo, as she was banned from her own birthday party while attempting to enter 2 different nightclubs with 14 body guards. A manager of one of the clubs was just as pissed off as I am and said, "Fourteen bodyguards in a high-end establishment is just unacceptable." Instead of trying to whoop it up in clubs, maybe Lil' should be staying home and bedazzling rhinestones on her new orange jumper. 14 freakin' bodyguards, give me a break....Kim, you ain't that important, aighhht?


Reports are swirling around that our favorite dirty rocker Tommy Lee and Pammy Anderson are engaged yet, again. Some say they might even be married before the weeks end. News recently surfaced about the two taking a family vacation to Maui with their kiddies Brandon and Dylan and now say Tommy proposed to Pamela Friday night at the Palms in Vegas with a big 'ol black diamond. How freakin' appropriate, I kinda love it. These two are a train wreck in love and I can't help but rooting for them every single time they get back together. It's been obvious that these two will never stop loving each other and any man who dated Pam (hello greasy Kid Rock or washed up Stephen Dorf) and actually thought they stood a chance in the long run is nuts. Pam and Tommy are destined for a long life together, even if it involves marrying and divorcing over and over again. They have 2 kids, they are both nuts, Tommy is the hottest dirty guy around...wish them luck. And even though Tommy allegedly gave Pam the Hep C, hey, Forgiveness is Greater.



The Detroit Free Press is claiming that Eminem is going to retire from his fab rapping career and focus on producing other artists. His last concert will be in Dublin on Sept. 17th and Encore will be his last solo cd. If only we could be so lucky. I'm so bored with him. He was over like a year ago. Let's see how long this "retirement" really lasts.


Oh my god, I can barely contain my excitement. After another weekend of watching the Laguna Beach marathon on MTV for the twentysomethingth time, tomorrow they are releasing Season One on DVD so I can watch it in all it's glory over and over again!! Although I have a feeling I may be the only one who has watched this fabulous reality show on MTV, I highly recommend you go out and buy the DVD to watch. The show has one of those addictive qualities to it, it's not the most exciting show, there is no sex, booze, or doing blow atop toilet seat filled nights for the teens in Laguna Beach (thank god, we get enough of that on the tired Real World), but you just can't stop watching it. The main storyline throughout the season of Laguna Beach centers on a love triangle between Stephen, Kristin and Lauren (L.C.). Stephen dates Kristin but is good friends with Lauren & gets "involved" with her whenever he breaks up with his girlfriend Kristin (heh, imagine that) Trust me on this one, it's worth watching just to hear Stephen yell SLLLUUTTT! at Kristin when he sees her dancing on top of a bar in Cabo during one of their breakups, hearing my favorite ditzy sweet girl "Lo" call one of her friends a whore when she sees that her Prom dress is the same pattern as hers, not to mention just laughing at Kristin's Valley Girl way of saying "SteVen!" even though she comes from Chicago. Season 2 starts in one week, so there is plenty of time to have a Laguna Beach marathon and move right into Season 2.
Check it out peeps. It's a must.


Tsk, Tsk, Mr. Law. Caught with the Nanny. What a freakin' cliche for that matter. Jude Law made a public apology to his fiance Sienna Miller today after his one month affair with his children's nanny was exposed. Daisy Wright, the 26 year old nanny said the affair started when he was filming "All The Kings Men" and lasted until one of his children mentioned "daddy's new girlfriend" to ex-wife Sadie Frost. As you can imagine, it wasn't long before good 'ol Sadie grabbed the reigns, fired the nanny and blew the lid off her ex-hubbies dirty little secret. Jude tried to make things better by releasing the following public statement: "Following the reports in today's papers, I just want to say I am deeply ashamed and upset that I've hurt Sienna and the people most close to us." Cry me a river Jude. Loser. You are only ashamed because you got caught. So much for Jude's public apology to Sienna, the nanny is quoted as saying, "He was begging to see me again. He said he desperately needed to show me that our relationship wasn't just about sex. But how could I trust him again after he cast me aside so easily before?" Sienna is absolutely gorgeous and if she hasn't already, I hope she dumps that slimy, nanny-humping pig on his ass and never looks back.



To all my girls, happy Monday.


First off, I apologize to anyone who may be offended by the above photo, or at the very least, vomited when they saw it. I, in good faith, cannot allow myself to miss any opportunity to embarrass, humiliate or expose the skank that is Paris Hilton, whenever the opportunity arises. I don't know where this photo came from, it could have been doctored, but, um, naaah, doubt it. What a complete idiot whore. I love it!!!!



HA! I knew it! The latest Nick and Jessica rumor is NOT TRUE. It was confirmed false by an US Weekly reporter on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning. Not to mention, this couple is sure photographed a lot together around their home in Calabasas for people who are supposed to be breaking up. I'm sure they are not a perfect couple and have fights and issues like a lot of couples do, but it doesn't mean it's the end of their marraige. Don't believe the rumors people!!




I love it! I was shakin' in me boots thinking Kaysar was out the door! Yay! At least one more week with the hot smokin' Iraqi!

Tuesday we found out there were secret rooms in the house and now, I'm lovin', lovin', lovin' Big Brother with this whole secret partner thing!!! Tonight we learned who is teamed up with you...and let me first say, "Yay! James is not gay!" Truth is, he and Sarah (Rachel Bilson twin) are dating, therefore making them possibly one of the cutest couples to ever exist. Sadly, they are going crazy because they are unable to show any affection with each other. Other awesome pairings are Yvette (love her!!!) and Beau (personal shopper! eeee!), Kaysar (sizzlin'!) & Michael (who eerily reminds me of that creep Rob (not Boston) from Survivor).

Howie is really starting to grow on me with his goofiness, although I am not sure if I can get past this screen shot I just found. I also noticed a computer in the HOH room tonight and wonder what that is for...I am yet to check out the live feed updates on but reading them is the best way to figure out what is going on in the game and who will be eliminated each week. Eric the fireman is the new HOH and we'll find out Saturday who the next 2 nominated Houseguests are.