Tabloid Whore!



First off, Yvette should have been nominated just for that simple admission alone. Instead James (who if you haven’t figured it out, was knocked off of my cute boy pedistal weeks ago and replaced by Kaysar) and Maggie are up on the block. If someone has to go, then let’s say Maggie, only because she is Eric’s partner and looks kinda like Sue Hawk from Survivor. Either way, I don’t really care this week who goes. I really hope that Kaysar didn’t buy James and Sarah’s lie that they are not teamed up. I think my hunky Iraqi is too smart for that and cannot be fooled so easily. He really is brilliant and I love how he knows this game so well and doesn’t just sit buy and let things happen. Like he said, he’s gonna start an “all out war” in the house.

Which reminds me, Is it completely horrible that I find an irony in Kaysar wearing an FBI hat? I know that sounds terrible and I don't mean it to be. OK, let's move on....As the headline screams, we learned lesbian Yvette longs to talk about the beautiful love she has with her girlfriend and that they call each other TUSHIE PIE! Oh. My. God. I just, am speechless. Boyfriend or Girlfriend, would you ever really admit to calling someone that? Honey, Baby, Smoocher, Foofer, Sweet Cheeks, Hot Ass could all be acceptable, but Tushie Pie? Eeeeeeech. That whole segment was cringe inducing!!

Howie, dear Howie, I love him more every single week. He makes me laugh so much that I don’t care if he wears speedos and is always kissing the men in the house. Tonight we learned that he 1) Thinks that Rachel is a fine piece of hide 2) Is a Jedi 3) Looooves panties. To quote him, “Ohhh I loovvvvvvve panties!!!” Oh I looovvvvve HOWIE!

Here are some of Howie's best quotes featured in Entertainment Weekly:

''Hey, Beau, with your experience and your expertise in it, is there anyone else in the house you know is either lesbonic or gay?''

''People are appalled by me, disgusted by me, but deep down they're like, 'That's awesome!'''

''I've never seen kung fu porn, but I'd like to.''


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