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Mischa Barton has been seen all around town lately with her alleged new beau Hollywood stylist Johnny Wujek who IMHO is hunky and much better looking than that greasy ex Brandon Davis. BUT, some are speculating that this new "relationship" could all be a hoax to make her ex jealous. Fresh Intelligence is reporting, "Mischa wants everyone to think she dumped Brandon,” one source says. “But the truth is, he’s the one who wanted out. She’s desperate to make him jealous and get him back.” Her tactics have been far from subtle. For instance, when Brandon, 22, stumbled across the pair at the Roosevelt Hotel’s pool recently, Barton and Wujek immediately “went into PDA overdrive,” says a witness. “They were making out all hot and heavy right in front of Brandon, who looked pretty pissed and finally just left.” The best part of the story is that when contacted for comment, Barton’s publicist, Craig Schneider, said that there’s “no way” his client and the stylist are dating. “It’s not even possible,” he added, “if you catch my drift.”


Blogger Gabriela said...

Do you know which hair salon he works at? I think saw her waiting for him at a salon in Beverly Hills...

10:11 AM, August 14, 2005  

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