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Oh please. NOT again. Reports are surfacing that Courtney Love was rushed by ambulance Wednesday night from a party at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she "flatlined," a source close to Love told E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca Thursday. Her publicist is downplaying the incident though saying that "Courtney was feeling sick, nauseous, dizzy and a little faint. Her friend called 911 out of concern, and they took her to the hospital, and she was released immediately." Hmmmm. This one is hard to judge because yes, we immediately always think the worst with Courtney considering her past. But Shiiit, it's been like 95 degrees at 9pm in Los Angeles the past couple weeks, who wouldn't get nauseous, dizzy and faint? I really hope CL isn't fucking up again because that kid Francis Bean needs a mom. She seems surprisingly intelligent and normal for all that she has gone though in her life with her dad Kurt Cobain killing himself and her mom a continuous junkie. Speaking of Kurt, I'm hoping to see Gus Van Sant's new movie "Last Days" this weekend which is about the final hours of a brilliant, troubled musician (modeled after Kurt Cobain).


Anonymous punkrocker chick said...

kurt cobain did not fucking kill himself. its been scientifically proven u dipshit. Go read a fucking book about it. Then u will realise how desperate courtney was to become famous and how she used to scream at kurt and how she used to lie and omg, how this world would be a better place if she put a gun to that horrendous face of hers and pulled the trigger. They all say how they don't blame kurt for 'killing himself' when they found out what courtney was really like, but if only they knew that kurt couldnt have pulled the trigger with the amount of morphine found in his blood. Yeh, yeh, him being a serious junkie would have been able 2 of stayed conscious...but oh no, it was 3 times the lethal dosage... but anyway, seeing as the two people that convinced this fucked up world that kurt had indeed killed himself, are either retired or dead, no one is ever gna look into this and reopen the case. Not unless they suddenly get a personallity change or sumthin, but does this mean? Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author....oh rite i get it, u, the author will read this, delete it, and then pretend that it never existed. Ah well, then u and only u will know how much of a coward u r. if u do approve this comment which i doubt u will, but if u do then ur not a coward and u should go read a book called who killed kurt cobain or love and death or both. If u dont wanna read then i guess u jus dont care. oh yeh and if u dont then jus tell a few ppl about how kurt was probably murderd. that way there will be more pressure on the police. rock on!

12:11 PM, May 21, 2006  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

excuse me...comment moderation is on to prevent spam, it's not on to prevent comments about people who believe a big conspiracy theory that kurt was murdered. I could give a shit. Your comment is up, but you ruined your point at the end with your obnoxious rant and accusations about this blog, so I guess you are the dipshit & coward. Plus, the dude is still dead and he's not coming back. move on and just hope his daughter has a good life.

12:36 PM, May 21, 2006  

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