Tabloid Whore!



Reports are swirling around that our favorite dirty rocker Tommy Lee and Pammy Anderson are engaged yet, again. Some say they might even be married before the weeks end. News recently surfaced about the two taking a family vacation to Maui with their kiddies Brandon and Dylan and now say Tommy proposed to Pamela Friday night at the Palms in Vegas with a big 'ol black diamond. How freakin' appropriate, I kinda love it. These two are a train wreck in love and I can't help but rooting for them every single time they get back together. It's been obvious that these two will never stop loving each other and any man who dated Pam (hello greasy Kid Rock or washed up Stephen Dorf) and actually thought they stood a chance in the long run is nuts. Pam and Tommy are destined for a long life together, even if it involves marrying and divorcing over and over again. They have 2 kids, they are both nuts, Tommy is the hottest dirty guy around...wish them luck. And even though Tommy allegedly gave Pam the Hep C, hey, Forgiveness is Greater.


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