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Oh how quickly things change. It had only been 3 months since Stephen left Kristin and Laguna Beach for college and by the time he comes back for the Christmas break, that Ho Kristin has already moved on with a new boy from USC named Matt! What ever happened to Kristin saying that she didn't want to date anyone else and that she hoped whenever Stephen would come back from college, they would be together??? Huh, Kristin???! Oh my God, could the first episode of the new season be anymore heartbreaking? Poor Stephen, who is still in love with Kristin was practically brought to tears by the way she was treating him..more or less, just writing him off. Bitch! Don't even get me started about the scene where they met for the first time at the beach or at Lo's party where she was jumping up and down about her USC boy. First off, why was she even invited to that? I'm telling you, Stephen needs to forget Kristin and go with his best friend Lauren. First off, she is ten times prettier and classier than Kristin and would never break his heart. But isn't it always like that? Boys seem to want the girls that treat them like crap and then overlook the ones that treat them like kings. The episode ended with Stephen taking Lauren out to dinner and then going in the hot tub together. In the previews for later in the season, Stephen will ask Lauren what kind of relationship she thinks they would have had if they actually tried to have one. Damn you Stephen, stop playing with my girls heart and just date her! The rest of the episode consisted of seeing virgins Morgan and Christina, who are still as boring as they were in season one, newbie Jessica, who lets her loser boyfriend Jason cheat on her (uh, hun, he aint that cute) and also some weirdo chick named Casey who has these nappy long ass blonde extensions and loves pageants. Sadly, cutie Trey did not make an appearance and is probably too busy spreading the word about "Active Young America" to the kids in New York. Anyway, looks like it will be an interesting season, but I'm still really only interested in the original crew.


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Very interesting.

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