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Oh my god, I can barely contain my excitement. After another weekend of watching the Laguna Beach marathon on MTV for the twentysomethingth time, tomorrow they are releasing Season One on DVD so I can watch it in all it's glory over and over again!! Although I have a feeling I may be the only one who has watched this fabulous reality show on MTV, I highly recommend you go out and buy the DVD to watch. The show has one of those addictive qualities to it, it's not the most exciting show, there is no sex, booze, or doing blow atop toilet seat filled nights for the teens in Laguna Beach (thank god, we get enough of that on the tired Real World), but you just can't stop watching it. The main storyline throughout the season of Laguna Beach centers on a love triangle between Stephen, Kristin and Lauren (L.C.). Stephen dates Kristin but is good friends with Lauren & gets "involved" with her whenever he breaks up with his girlfriend Kristin (heh, imagine that) Trust me on this one, it's worth watching just to hear Stephen yell SLLLUUTTT! at Kristin when he sees her dancing on top of a bar in Cabo during one of their breakups, hearing my favorite ditzy sweet girl "Lo" call one of her friends a whore when she sees that her Prom dress is the same pattern as hers, not to mention just laughing at Kristin's Valley Girl way of saying "SteVen!" even though she comes from Chicago. Season 2 starts in one week, so there is plenty of time to have a Laguna Beach marathon and move right into Season 2.
Check it out peeps. It's a must.


Anonymous ci said...

I had never been too impressed with this show but when I watched the last half of the marathon last weekend I really liked it! I am really excited for the new season to begin and can't wait to find out how serious Stephen (who is such a loser dork -- why is he so sought-after?) and LC get in San Francisco.

7:48 AM, July 19, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

yay! Season 2 looks pretty good. Can't wait. That Stephen is a dork and a heartbreaker, I hate what he does to LC.

10:40 AM, July 19, 2005  

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