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Tonight, chaos broke out in the Big Brother house!!! Even Big Brother was scared as he frantically came over the loud speaker ordering the houseguests to disperse and go to different areas of the house! It was awesome!!! Here is a link to a webpage that has a transcript of some things that got bleeped out like Mike telling Eric he had a small penis, plus pictures and video of the fight.

So, the other day, me and my Boy Jizzy were keepin' it real over some Peet's coffee and Big Brother talk. When he told me that Eric had to go, I said, "c'mon, give him props. He's a firefighter, we gotta like him." Well, I admit here, that I should have listened to the wise one and bailed on Eric at that very moment. I certainly have after tonight and Saturday nights episode. His playing the hero role has got to go...not to mention, he has taken the Head of Household title a bit too seriously, like, what's up with telling everyone not to eat all the food at once? Annoying! I also don't like how he has been calling Mike a sexual harasser. Give me a break and loosen up people! AND, Yvette is now off my list of favorites. Shut up with your "I'm Cuban, I can get loud!" or "I'm about to go Cuban on him!" comments. Other things to note: Kaysar is still H-O-T, hot, hot, hot AND, Janelle and Mike have begun making out......

Jizzy and everyone else who watches, YOUR COMMENTS ARE REQUESTED!


Blogger jizzy said...

Wow - you got it right, girl! We are now definitely back in classic BB territory! How can the household get so out-of-hand so quickly? Bodybuilder egos, latin-tempers, accusations of sexual harrassment, and a bunch of spineless sheep! This is great stuff!!!

When Kaysar stood up threateningly in front of that bitch Yvette, I just wanted him to slam her into another dimension. The Iraqi terrorist is definitely becoming one of my favorites, too. I now take back my earlier comments that he "has got to go" - so what if his religion spawned 9-11 - that was four friggin' years ago! We're over it. No one cares anymore. It's history - BB is much more important.

Let's get rid of the Americans instead! Except for Janelle. I thought she was just a ditzy blonde at first, but she's got some spunk and brains in there somewhere. Hang in there, J!

Eric is such a bloated egotistical lunkhead. He rubbed me the wrong way right from the start - he was so paranoid from the very first day - worried about things, trying to create alliances and rule the house. Big deal - you're a stupid fireman - who cares? Friggin' ego-boy with big boobs and a small penis. Stop worrying about who is eating all "your" food. Do us all a favor and go into a burning house and burn, baby, burn. Hopefully the BB house will set him free in the weeks to come so he can go back to work and get cooked.

"Best Episode Ever" - you betcha! Too bad Michael is going to get booted tomorrow (almost a sure thing), because his continued presence in the house would create so much more tension and FUN! And he has those great "Clockwork Orange" eyes that look like he's going to go psycho at any moment. still, Eric's megalomaniacal and egotistical attitude should create a lot more thrills and conflicts amongst the other houseguests in the weeks to come. Eric is an idiot. All of us hate the idiot, but the idiot always makes good TV. And there's a BIG idiot on Big Brother this year! Hallelujah! Keep it coming.

9:36 AM, July 21, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

Jizzy, you never fail me. Your comments are sickening, shocking beautiful and truthful. I love you!

10:30 AM, July 21, 2005  

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