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Ew Talan! Seems as though the Laguna Beach kid is taking this celeb thing in all the wrong directions. Lloyd Grove's Lowdown is reporting Talan Torriero's new BFF is none other than scummy Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. Blech! First off, what a loser Francis is for hanging out with an 18 year old (Francis is 32). Lowdown spy's said that at Ok! Magazine's West Coast launch party in L.A. Tuesday night, Talan "was inseparable from the 32-year-old Francis, who appeared to be schooling him in the dark arts of partying and hitting on women." Sooo Gross. Lowdown also says that the two lovebirds had just returned on Francis' private jet from a weekend with Stavros Niarchos (ew! Slimey Greek guy!) and other pals at Francis' lavish estate in Punta Mita, Mexico. Good job, you're keeping great company Talan!
Yesterday Francis' rep, Bill Horn, said: "They travel in the same social circles and they have a lot in common, because they grew up in the same town and went to the same high school." Um, ok. Gee, maybe Talan is looking for tips from Francis for his upcoming rock cd, which sound he compares to The Mars Volta. Ya, right Talan, give me a break! Better watch out hanging with Francis or you might end up bound & gagged with a pink dildo lying on your ass! LOWDOWN

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