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Ok, kids...I know you all are worried about what you're going to do when Laguna Beach ends its 2nd season Monday night. Well, MTV is running a Laguna Beach Marathon today (dammit! I NEED to leave the house!) and I got my hands on a little gossip on what everyone is up to now. Alex M., Jason, Lauren ("LC") and Dieter did an interview with Spokane 7 recently when they were in town for Deiter's charity Running Home 4 Teens. Kristin & Stephen were also in town, but to host a "foam party," not to help with charity. Here's the cliffsnotes scoop:
  • Dieter battled depression after his break-up with Jessica.
  • USC football player Matt Leinart called and asked Kristin out without even meeting her. He saw her on Laguna Beach and left her a message. She looked up his picture and said, "Ew! I'm not calling him back!" Somehow, they dated for 2 months.
  • Kristin is still dating Brody Jenner
  • Lauren and Jason ARE DATING (oh God!) and he told the interviewer that he Looooooves her. Bleeech!
  • Jason DOES know more than three words and claims he sounded like a knucklehead on the show because MTV would put him in situations to do scenes for the show and he was just uncomfortable. (makes sense, and now we know he really ain't no actor!)
  • The whole breakup scene between Jason and Jessica was FAKE. You heard me, FAKE. He said he broke up with her three or four weeks before that and that he "wasn't going to break up on camera with her for real."
  • Jason & Jessica don't talk anymore (they dated for "less than 2 months") and he doesn't care for Alex M. either (they dated "for like a minute!").
  • Alex M said that "everyone has kissed Jason" and that includes Kristin.
  • Jessica is going to community college in Laguna and has recently started hanging out with Dieter again, but when asked if they would ever get back together, Dieter said "I dunno."
  • Casey's stepdad invented the frozen burrito (maybe he can teach her how to say quesadilla) and Alex M. says that MTV "kinda forced me to be friends with her."
  • Alex M and Talan are both recording albums (God help us all)
  • Jason, Stephen & Dieter live together in Los Angeles in a 16 floor highrise. Jason & Stephen are taking acting classes (oh please.) and Dieter is interning at a talent agency.
  • Kristin got a small part in Al Pacino's new movie but she doesn't know what the part is and she didn't have to audition ("more coffee, sir?").
  • Lastly and most importantly, Stephen NEVER hooked up with Paris Hilton.
Source: Spokane 7

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Anonymous ci said...

This is good stuff! All very interesting. Thanks TW!

7:49 AM, November 14, 2005  
Anonymous Jean Commenter said...

Love the Laguna stuff. Keep it comin'!

10:16 AM, November 14, 2005  
Anonymous ashamed said...

I saw stephen and jason at club FELT in boston a couple weekends was like the freakin beatles..girls were screaming and practically fainting over them, causing boston celtics star paul pierce to exit the event he was hosting on the club's second floor.

1:45 PM, January 01, 2006  

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