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It was only around 10pm last night when the previews for Laguna Beach started rolling that I remembered what the night's episode was going to center around and that was the blossoming romance between L.C. and meathead Jason. This is my girl L.C. who I have backed from the very beginning and what does she end up doing? Dating the one person I despise the most on that show! The first guy she ends up going on a date with "since December," ends up being a knucklehead cheating player who can't form a sentence longer than "eeh, hee hee, you look cute." Oh the humanity. If the whole idea of a date between them wasn't bad enough, Jason picked up L.C. in this little purple mini car. Ha. I laughed my ass off when that happened. I know, I know, this is some "fancy ass" collectors car that some people are impressed by, but not me. I'm sorry, even though L.C said, "oh, what a cool car," girlfriend had to be mortified driving down the street in that teeny tiny car while being tailed by cameras and everyone watching. First dates are awkward enough without bringing out the matchbox. Jason and L.C.'s dinner date was just painful to watch. It consisted of giggles and Jason saying "wow" and "cute (in a very disturbing likeness to the way Paris Hilton says it)," and L.C. saying "Whaaaat did I dooooo?? giggle, giggle." Stephen seemed to be only mildly bummed by the whole thing, probably just because L.C.'s attention was going to someone else other than him. We all know how Stephen gets when he is upset over a girl he likes (remember him and Kristin in Cabo last year?) and he certainly wasn't acting anything close to that. One of my favorite moments involved L.C. talking to her parents about her date. You can always count on a scene being funny awkward and scripted when L.C.'s mom is in the room. That poor woman looks so uncomfortable in front of the cameras, although she is very pretty and seems like a really sweet mom. Other than that, the only other excitement for the evening was Kristin getting a new car, a BMW SUV that really looked like a mini-van. Whoopdifreakindoo!! If you're going to get a kid a BMW for highschool graduation, at the very least get her something sporty like a Z4 Roadster!

If you're in the mood for some more Laguna dirt, I came across something on The Stencil. Seems as if someone sent the website an email claiming they had dinner with writers on Laguna Beach and proceed to spill the beans on what really happened between Jason & Jessica when she left the golfcourse with him that day (resulting in her big ass hickey, him cheating on Alex and Jessica ultimately denying anything happened), why everyone (including Kristin) was pissed off at Jessica in Cabo, the event that got 2 cast members arrested (but was left off the show) and proof that Jason really is the stupidest boy in Laguna Beach. All "allegedly" of course! It's funny stuff, take a look.

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