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This Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush divorce story has really put me in a tailspin today. I completely forgot to write about last night's Laguna Beach episode, so sorry.

Alex and Casey: Um, o.k. what up with the whole Alex and Casey thing? First off, I like Alex even though she made a move on Jason when he was stupid Jessica's boyfriend. Um, but why in God's name would you admit in front of the cameras that "fake extension wearing, Imelda can you make me a friggin' "Kesadil-a" pour favor, ugly ass bitch" Casey told Jason and Cedric you had a "hygiene" problem? Why hun??? I wish that Jessica would have gone off on her at the beach and nailed that whore in the head for what she said! Alex went off on Jessica in Cabo for kissing Jason more than she went off on Casey! Seriously, what was that all about? Maybe this is the real reason why Jason blew her off, he was afraid of what he might encounter. I still can't believe she talked about that in front of the cameras and turned it into a segment, how embarrassing! Alex, we like you and don't believe it for a minute. Tell that Casey to shove her quesadilla up her ass! Better yet, please do it for her!

Talan/Kristen/Stephen: Ok, even if I don't think Talan is cute and can't understand how he gets all these girls, I want this kid to cook dinner fo' me! Did you see his elaborate shrimp cocktail with lettuce decor and all? Oh my gaw. Wait, how is he suddenly in love with Kristen, I thought he had a thing for Taylor a few episodes ago? Kristen was supposed to be his "slut with benefits" and Taylor was his dream girl. He's too all over the place, I can't keep track of him not to mention the fact that he bores me. Love the fact that he nailed it about Kristen going to see Stephen in San Francisco, boo hoo. Now Kristen and Stephen...oh, I am soooo over them! It was really uncomfortable watching this whole visit, Kristen couldn't have looked more uncomfortable and Stephen couldn't have looked more heartbroken. Although if I was Kristen, hearing Stephen call me "buddy" over and over would have got on my last nerve. Not to mention, why didn't he pick up/drop her off at the airport? Since Kristen was such a bitch to him, I was laughing by the end of the episode that he made her take a taxi. OH! And give me my sweatshirt back bitch! I can see why Stephen was bent out of shape. He planned this nice visit, took her to see the fireworks and then she severely shot that boy down, "you keep treating me like I'm your girlfriend and I don't want that." Ouch. Must have been nice for him to have a camera 2 feet away from his face when he was holding back tears in his truck. I felt a tiny bit bad for Stephen, but he got what he deserved. It's that good 'ol friend we call Karma, motherchucker! That's what he gets for playing my girl L.C. and all. I still remember how sad she was when he went back to school after winter break and did he call her? Noooooo. Did he drive home and take her out for Valentine's Day? Nooooooo, he took the ungrateful Kristen out instead. All L.C. got was a flyby visit where he threw some chocolates at her. Tsk, tsk. And whatta-ya-know? Previews for next week show Stephen running back to L.C. and saying to her "what do you think if me and you ever had a relationship that lasted?" That stinking bastard! Just a random thought, I wonder how that cutie Trey is doing...I always liked him.

And, don't even get me started on "My Super Sweet 16!" Aaaaarrrgggghhh!

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Blogger Christian Johnson said...

What is wrong with the dudes on Laguna Beach? L.C. is awesome and Kristen is totally the villain of the show. I couldn't believe the first "opening" I watched that Kristen was the narrator, as if she were the protagonist. Whah?!

I actually can't believe how engrossing this show is. I think most of the characters border on sociopathic...and yet here I am watching this damn thing like its a heroin fix.

BTW, did you know Talan has an album coming out?

4:00 PM, September 27, 2005  
Blogger Kristi said...

I love Kristin, but next weeks episode, not so much. Kissing your best friends crush? Not cool. But back on to this episode... I really really wish Stephen would get over Kristin, and LC will get over Stephen. It's too painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing to watch these 3 anymore.

As for Talans album, the boy is foine, but not interested in the singing career.

P.S. Casey is uglier than homemade sin, I can't stand to even look at her.

6:06 PM, September 27, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

Um, no...I did not know about talan's album, sweet baby Jesus what will come next? I have to find info on this now. Please, just please tell me it is not hip hop. If i'm going to buy some hip hop from another white boy it's gonna be K-Fed's cd. ;)

8:47 PM, September 27, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

ps: number one, love the line about the "characters bordering on sociopathic" and "watching this damn thing like it's a heroin fix"...and here I was, thinking I was the only one out there on the laguna beach drugs. eeeicch!

8:52 PM, September 27, 2005  
Blogger lagunaaddict said...

iam so addicted to this show. my husband makes so much fun of me because i am 35 and can't get enough of it!!!! now for me iam on the other side of the fence....i want jessica to beat the crap out of alex jason was her bf first and alex moved in on her man and i want kristen and steven together just to piss off L.C. and i also thought it was so funny about alex and the B O i just wnat to know what stinks her underarm her body or does something smell like fish :-) anyway just had to dish a minute

6:42 AM, September 28, 2005  

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