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Bo Get's Hitched!

"I'm a friendly stranger in a black sedan, oh wont you hop inside my car..I got pictures, got candy, i'm a loveable man and I can take you to the nearest star..."

Oh how I love Bo Bice (rt.) (and Constantine for that matter.) It was reported today that Bo and his girlfriend Caroline tied the knot a couple weeks back (yay Bo!). The information slipped when Bo, in an MTV interview talking about the longevity of his career said, "I'm ready to be the five-minute warrior just like I am in the bedroom, I gave my wife the best three seconds of her life." Aww how cute. We love Bo. Guess the rumors of a possible Baby Bo on the way could be true. Unfortunately, I didn't know he was on the Tonight Show last night and missed him performing "Vehicle" with Richie Sambora. ARRRRGH! Can't wait until that boy puts out his CD in the fall.


Oh Lord. Being Bobby Brown. I just finished watching the first episode and I feel the need to shower. I can barely speak. I miss Britney and Kevin, Nick and Jessica, Carmen and Dave and dare I say it...The freakin' Barkers (actually, no, the Barker's will always be the worst.)
Highlights include:

1) ew. We had to witness Bobby & Whitney slamming the door on daughter Bobbi Kristina's face after Bobby got out of jail and he and Whitney had to go have some sex in the bedroom...because y'know it has been 33 days and all.

2) Post sex night with the wifey ("you know how we do"), we get the pleasure of seeing the infamous shot of Bobby rubbing Prep H all under his eyes to help with the bags. He made sure to let us and the poor store clerk know that it was NOT for his BUTT. Let me repeat, it was NOT FOR HIS BUTT. Holla!

3) Bobby has about about a zillion children with a zillion moms. We got La Princia the oldest, Bobby Jr (his namesake) and Bobbi Kristina (slam that door!). We weren't exposed to any of the other children who are floating somewhere around the globe.

4) Whitney slathering lotion all over her man's feet while greeting fans.

Seriously though, Bobby had some cute little moments with his children, but that Whitney, girlfriend is a freak and a bitch. Where Bobby is nice to fans, Whitney is evil to them. This couple is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The show is definately entertaining and unfortunately i'm gonna have to have it taped since I don't get Bravo. How I love a good trainwreck.