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Bo Get's Hitched!

"I'm a friendly stranger in a black sedan, oh wont you hop inside my car..I got pictures, got candy, i'm a loveable man and I can take you to the nearest star..."

Oh how I love Bo Bice (rt.) (and Constantine for that matter.) It was reported today that Bo and his girlfriend Caroline tied the knot a couple weeks back (yay Bo!). The information slipped when Bo, in an MTV interview talking about the longevity of his career said, "I'm ready to be the five-minute warrior just like I am in the bedroom, I gave my wife the best three seconds of her life." Aww how cute. We love Bo. Guess the rumors of a possible Baby Bo on the way could be true. Unfortunately, I didn't know he was on the Tonight Show last night and missed him performing "Vehicle" with Richie Sambora. ARRRRGH! Can't wait until that boy puts out his CD in the fall.


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