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Looks like the face of guilt to me!

Oh! I am fuming right now! I just watched Denise Richards being interviewed by reporter Harvey Levin in a exclusive interview (he totally gorilla cornered her, I love it!). You must go watch the interview and tell me what you think. First off Denise looks completely uncomfortable, lalalala! But what is annoying is both Harvey and Denise keep speaking of Heather Locklear's "betrayal" and totally tries to turn it around on Heather (ya, whatever, bitch!). I'm sure Harvey just spun it that way to get the interview, but Denise kept insinuating that Heather came out and portrayed the situation differently than it actually was. Gee, I don't recall Heather speaking publicly yet. Plus, Denise used that same bullshit line about Heather and the end of their friendship that Paris Hilton used to say about her rift with Nicole Richie, "Heather knows why we are not friends." Yah, and we all know too! You're dating her husband! If you haven't already seen it, check out the Team Heather/Team Denise poll we did last week because out of all the votes, Denise received only one shout out (and that was from a dude who thought she was hot). Please go cast your vote if you already haven't RIGHT HERE. I tell ya, Denise Richards gives women a bad name!
Watch TMZ's exclusive interview of Denise Richards HERE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless Heather slept with Charlie first, there is NO EXCUSE for Ho-bag Richards' behavior. She's a guilty NEVER go there with your friend's husband. She'll never have a close girlfriend again, no one will trust her!

5:57 AM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just actually watched the interview...SHE"S SO GUILTY! Nervous, stammering. Pig.

9:42 AM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Side point. I remember Tom Cruise said the same thing several times about Nicole: "Nic knows what she did." Whether that was infidelity, not getting pregnant, betraying him... Is she a Scientologist? Maybe it was her not joining the church. For some reason, I thought she was already a COS member. Anyway... "Nic knows what she did."

6:52 PM, May 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TW, I just watched the video and well, I couldn't disagree more.

First, I'm going in with the presumption that this is a 4-way Hollywood soap opera... so everyone will say they know a friend of a friend who said something that they heard Heather or Denise (or Sambora or Sheen) say...

It made sense on the video when she said, "Heather knows when and how her marriage to Richie ended, and I know when and how my marriage to Charlie ended." (I watched the video only once and I'm not typing this for a college paper, pls. forgive). The point being, Heather's marriage ended a long time ago. We've heard the rumors for awhile now and truthfully, it was probably long before the rumors set in. It usually is.

Probably wasn't a great move, but Denise just hooked up with a man in her circle, a man whose marriage was over. These 2 couples had that much in common.

Should she even date the dead cold fish who happened to be her best friend's estranged husband? Probably not. Emotionally, these people may have moved on -- but to the public, everything's in the spotlight.

And TW or anyone... have you ever gone through divorce? It must be horrible with child custody issues and a psychotic husband threatening your life, such as Charlie Sheen. What a FREAK.

I'm sorry both of these women had marriages that ended. But they're both pretty and financially well off... and they have their health. At this point, the public scrutiny will probably hurt them as much as the actual divorce proceedings.

Anyway, Denise was excellent on tape. I've blubbered more to friends on the telephone, without a gossip camera in my face. She was composed, articulate and not nervous, considering the sudden surprise of it all. I guess Harvey Levin ambushes people? I don't know his style as of late.

But look... Sambora wants another kid (supposedly) and it really seems that Heather may not want to take the time and derail her career. Hollywood doesn't wait for women past 40, so I don't blame her (if in fact, that's true).

Sorry for the length. There's been so much public condemnation on this topic when we really only know the surface details.

And please!, let's just put the monster Charlie Sheen at the front of this story where he belongs. The guy is a PSYCHO. (Check Richards' papers at Smoking Gun and see what you think.)

7:40 PM, May 06, 2006  

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