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Ryan Seacrest has a deep, dark secret. No, the man has not admitted that he is gay, Seacrest has admitted that yes, just like Star Jones, he is a former fatty. In People magazine's new "Celeb Diet and Fitness" issue, Ryan admits that at age 13, he weighed around 180 pounds. Damn! Homeboy must have been large because we all know he is really short, so where else would that weight go? Seacrest said that as a teen, he used to come home from school and "eat a cookie sheet pan of Nachos and watch OPRAH every day of my life." Oh, um, I, I , Huh? Everyone didn't do that after school? My poor sweet Ryan said that he was taunted by the kids at school who used to call him "Kubiak" after a big character from the TV show "Parker Lewis Can't Lose." Oh that is sooo sad. People?! Can you understand now why that man is so obsessed with grooming and looking good?! He is not gay! He just is scarred from his childhood! PEOPLE says that although Ryan now weighs 157 lbs, he fears becoming fat again and runs four miles a day, has a personal chef and is obsessed with crunches. Oh yeah, I think he likes long walks on the beach too.

Ya think?

Source: The Insider


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can be a former fatty AND gay

8:39 AM, April 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's still gay.

2:11 PM, April 12, 2006  

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