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When I heard the news yesterday that Rosie O'Donnell would be replacing the soon-to-be departing Meredith Viera on The View come September, the first thing I said was, "Oh great! Now people are going to have to listen to her big mouth talk over everyone all the time?" Then, about 30 seconds later, I remembered the whole thing about Rosie calling Star Jones-Reynolds a "former fatty" and publicly giving her crap about not revealing how she lost all that weight. Suddenly, birds started chirping, the sun was shining and I became very excited about the possibility of trouble that might brew with Rosie and Joy Behar sitting at the same table together ganging the hell up on former fatty Ms. Jones-Reynolds. Anyway, it will be interesting to see the dynamic Rosie brings to The View. I never had a problem with her a few years ago when she had her little daytime talk show. It was only after it ended that she became really loud and bitter, opening up her mouth all the time saying annoying shit. She definitely is the complete opposite of Meredith Viera who I love and think is such a classy lady. Well, who knows, maybe Rosie wont want to piss off Barbara Walters and will put her nicey talkshow personality back on when she joins the View. Although, if we are being honest here, I'm kinda hoping she'll come on the show wearing her bright red devil horns just to stir things up. Yeah, fat chance.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can only hope TW, we can only hope! I never watch the View, but will surely tune in now to see what's what!

1:45 PM, April 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And i wonder if Joy is pissed because her "role" on the view is as the comedian.

I'm sure they'll address the Star Jones thing and wipe it under the rug. Let's be real.

4:18 PM, April 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever...i can hardly stand to listen to all tehir liberal babble anyway. now its going to be worse. poor elisabeth will be overthrown.
besides, butch rosey will kick stars ass any day....

5:06 PM, April 29, 2006  
Anonymous jpfl said...

TW- love the pic of Rosie. I'm dyin to see what she says to Star. You just KNOW Star is flipping out right now.

5:46 PM, April 29, 2006  
Anonymous Vermont Neighbor said...

Is Star long for the show?

I don't watch the View but it would be funny if they got Naomi Campbell on there. Rosie could go to town!

10:26 AM, April 30, 2006  
Anonymous mst3k4evr said...

Star's contract expires in August and who knows if she'll renew now that her "enemy" is coming on the show.

8:40 AM, May 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barbara Walters said Rosie was going to be there and that was that and that Star was welcome to be there as long as she chooses to be there. Ouch! I kinda think Star will move on..if she can find another gig.

8:47 AM, May 02, 2006  
Anonymous Vermont Neighbor said...

Star lost quite a bit of weight but like Kirstie Alley, she may end up doing a sitcom. Instead of Veronica's Closet, maybe something called Al's Closet where she talks about her husband's crazy ways!

10:27 PM, May 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They will need a special camera or a wide angle lens just to fit Rosie's freakishly large head within the view of the camera. And here we all thought that Jabba the Hut would never work again outside a Star Wars remake.

9:04 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't imagine someone with Rosie's intelligence will not be able to handle herself on the show.

Don't forget she had a great show herself at one time. Not by accident.

She will know her place and will end up as the favorite.

Watch and see.

10:05 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rosey O'Donnell, is nothing but a piece of garbage. She talks so much crap.
It is people or scum bags like her, that causes all the troubles in the world. the bitch should climb under a rock or drown herself. She is so obnoxious, like she knows it all. What a disgusting piece of garbage.
Donald Trump was right about her, the BITCH IS SO UGLY, AND HER MANNERS EVEN MAKES HER UGLIER.

10:29 AM, March 29, 2007  

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