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Listen up prison bitches! Watch your backs cuz LOST star Michelle Rodriguez is heading for the slammer! Rodriguez appeared in a Honolulu court Tuesday and pleaded guilty to earlier charges of driving under the influence. The judge gave her a choice of either 240 hours of community service or 5 days in jail and that tough ass bitch Michelle chose jail time! I love it! She will start her 5 day sentence on Wednesday after she turns herself in and is transported to a slammer in Oahu, Hawaii. Seriously though, 5 days seems like a pretty weak sentence for drunk driving...and it's her second offense (one in Los Angeles, one in Hawaii). I don't really like that part of it. Saying that, Rodriguez very well may be spending even more time in jail. Seems like she violated her 3 year probation from her first DUI offense and the Los Angeles City Attny is now trying to get her probation revoked. She is to appear in court May 5th for a probation revocation hearing where she could receive more than 16 months in jail. Ohhhh! Forget LOST and Little Kim's "Countdown To Lockdown," I want to see an all-out prison reality show starring Michelle Rodriguez! YES!

**check out TMZ's video from Michelle's court appearance HERE!
Source: TMZ
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Anonymous jpfl said...

I love that she picked jail...she is one tough bitch. She's gonna own that prison.

3:20 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous ci said...

oh my god, that video is great! she sounds totally nuts. Surprisingly nice though! I used to hate her on Lost but now she's become one of my favorite characters. I hope she kicks Kate's ass! And kills that Other they've got tied up in the hatch!

11:01 AM, April 27, 2006  

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