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Uh oh! LOST star Naveen Andrews (who plays Sayid) just became a daddy again. First let me just clarify that Maggie Grace is not the secret lover, I just wanted to put up a photo of Sayid and Shannon. I love Naveen's character on LOST and damn, I still get all chocked up thinking about those two and the scene when he was carrying her after Ana Lucia blew her away. Anyway! Back in August I wrote about the alleged affair he had with a student named Elena Eustache (pregnant chick in photo above) reported by the National Enquirer. The woman claimed that Naveen left Barbara Hershey for her and after a year long affair, impregnated her ass! She also claimed that once Naveen (who Eustache allegedly liked to call 'Chocolate Man') heard of the pregnancy, he never called her again. At that time, Naveen denied, denied, denied any involvement with this chick. To be honest, she did sound like a koo-koo bird to me. Well, the National Enquirer is now reporting that after a DNA test done on the baby, Naveen has been confirmed as the child's father. Oops. In a statement, his publicist said, "For a short period, Naveen Andrews and Barbara Hershey were quietly separated. During that time, Andrews had a sexual encounter with a woman. He has just learned that he is the biological father of her baby boy."Andrews has every intention of assuming appropriate responsibility for the child and proceeding with all integrity in this matter." Hershey and Andrews have long since worked things out and remain committed to their relationship." If that's not bad enough, the baby mama named the kid Naveen Joshua Andrews (no way getting around that) and also posed for lovely professional photos while pregnant (classy!). This isn't Naveen's first child. According to the National Enquirer, "as a 16-year-old boy he bedded his married school teacher, who gave birth to his son Jaisal, now 13."

Source / Photo: The National Enquirer


Blogger Dean089 said...

The National Enquirer, not exactly known for their facts-checking, has Jaisal's age wrong. Naveen turns 37 tomorrow, Jan. 17, so if Jaisal was conceived/born when Naveen was 16 that means Jaisal is twenty. Some websites list Jaisal's YOB as 1992, but then that means Naveen was 22-23 when he was born, not 16. Jaisal is in a photo with his dad in the latest TV Guide, and the boy in the photo looks closer to 13-14 than he does 20. So it's possible that the whole 'Naveen was a father at 16' is the inaccurate rumor.

P.S. I don't think he impregnated Elena's ass. ;-) Trust me, as a gay man I can assure you it doesn't work that way.

7:59 AM, January 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elena Eustache was with Naveen 11 month. He sweard it was over with Barbara. naveen wanted to go true with the baby , when she told him early Maarch 2004. On maarch 29. Elen aconfirmed indeed with an ultra sound that she is pregnet and Naveen was happy and promise to call her back that night. He never didi. Instade miss Hershey hired privite investigator and criminal laweyer to tretened Elena and offering money for abortion. elena refused and was devastated.
Naveen never called her and lissened to blackmalimg from Miss Hershey , that the child id not his.. Bla, bla and when he findelly find out the trues in december 2005 he was so imberised to call Elena or see his child. What an old withches like Hershey can do it's discusting. Her own son is older that Elena and Naveen really cared for this girl. But women are witches nd Naveen trusted her. So now his son is 10 weeks and he still hasn't seen him, he is too imberised to face Elena and his Son Naveen Joshua after what he put tham true, And of course who said those lies , taht they ere separated shortly with Barbara, She did. She knows the relation ship with Elena and Naveen was 11 month , but she was doing anything to win him over. So she blackmailed Elena lied to Naveen and tretened pregnet Elelena , that she is gonna trow her out of the country. Noe because of her, Naveen loks like lier and his son has never seen him and elena is broken hearted. What an old which this Hershey

3:48 PM, February 13, 2006  

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