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Only a few more weeks until Lost's September 21st season premiere (yay!) and of course, along comes a bit of a scandal. Unfortunately, it involves one of my fave cast members Naveen Andrews who plays the fab Sayid. The good 'ol National Enquirer has come out with heartbreaking allegations that he got a student actress pregnant while cheating on his long-term love, movie star Barbara Hershey, 57. On August 14, actress Elena Eustache said she was six months pregnant with Naveen's (or as she has nicknamed him "Chocolate Man's") baby. She claims he walked out on Barbara after the couple shared a passionate affair as he filmed Lost in Hawaii (no! no! say it aint so!). "He was the best in bed, it was ecstasy," said Elena, 30. "He used to tell me I should be in the Kama Sutra." Elena also appears to be a bit off her rocker, "treasuring" text messages he allegedly sent her, including: "It's crazy on set. I will call later tonight my darling. xxx" (Now that's scandalous!). How did this pregnancy happen you ask? Well, Elena alleges she was on the Pill but accidentally became pregnant ("accidentally?" uhhuh). But she also claims Naveen went running back to Barbara after he found out. "When I told Naveen in February that I was going to have his child, he freaked out," she said."I haven't heard from him since and I'm heartbroken." Although Elena has threatened to conduct a DNA test once the baby is born, Naveen has denied he is the father and has described her claims as "ridiculous." Let's give Naveen the benefit of the doubt here...she sounds like a koo-koo clock. Plus, we all know he loves the older women (you gotta love that), what would he be doing with a 30 year old? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.....
And for those of you who haven't seen this...check out this crazy ass promo they made last year for the debut of LOST. (make sure to click "Play Ad")
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Anonymous mag said...

cette fille elena eustache est vraiment folle c est une p u t e une garce de premiere avoirun mec comme ca

5:11 AM, November 14, 2005  

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