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Jerry Rice: That man has some really long ass legs. I loved the purple outfits and thought he and his partner did a great job at the Jive. The judges were way too hard on him. Bastards!
Giselle Fernandez: Meh. I was bored. She did the tango. More importantly, can anyone remember if many years ago Giselle dated someone from one of the high profile court case like the OJ trial or something? Me and fab reader Della have been racking our brains for over a week now trying to remember who it was and we have come up with nothing. It's driving us crazy, can anyone help us out?
Drew Lachey: OMG, can I say it again? Will someone please give this man the trophy already? By far the best "star" in the dancing competition. It was great to see cutie brother Nick in the audience again and also Drew's wife Lea! She's pregnant and I always liked her when she'd pop up on Newlyweds. Drew and partner Cheryl did the Jive, but in the future, cutie might want to not put his arms around her so much afterwards, those bear hugs didn't seem to make Lea look very happy!
George Hamilton: How can you not like George Hamilton? Aside from being my dad's favorite, George is such a trooper and the man can make me laugh. Even better than his dance was the clip of him driving around Los Angeles trying to convince people to vote for him. The scene in the senior citizens home was priceless. George did the Tango and I actually thought he was really good and moved smoooooth like Michael Jackson in his heyday.
Lisa Rinna: First off, please give my girl Lisa major props for being the only woman "star" of the evening to dance the Jive. Seriously, I thought she did such a great job and I'm happy the judges were nice to her. Loyal husband Harry Hamlin was in the audience again (what a guy!). Ok, so I've been quiet about this long enough....I love Lisa, but those lips! They are waaaaay too big! The top is never supposed to be bigger than the bottom one, oh dear, I can't stop staring at them. She definitely also visited the mystic tan before the show. It made me sad for her when they showed her crying during rehearsal. Ryan Seacrest said on his radio show today that he thought she might of been faking it, but I believe her!
Stacy Kiebler: Stacy did the Tango. I walked out of the room when she was on so I don't have much commentary for her...but what I saw was good as usual.
Master P: OK, first off...why isn't Master P's son Romeo ever in the audience? You would hope that after his dad said he would fill in for him on the show, that Romeo would go and support his pops, injured or not. I thought it was cute in rehearsal when P was saying, "I'm not a bad guy." P started off his routine a bit wobbly and still didn't wear proper shoes. But all of a sudden about a third of the way through, P just kicked it into high gear and was Jiving up a storm. I was really proud of him and loved how happy he looked afterwards. Damn those judges for giving him bad marks and crushing his dreams! Rude! Master P looked so hurt. Although, I gotta say...I don't think we are done with him yet.
Tia Carrere: Oh Tia did a wonderful, passionate, Tango. She really was lovely, but at this point, I was ready for the show to be over. An hour and a half was just too freakin' long. Not to mention, I was forced to tape The O.C. and miss Marissa's slutty little sister coming back into town because of it!


Blogger a. said...

I feel the same way about Drew. He did seem a little too touchy feely with his partner. I just felt bad looking at his wife, I can only imagine that she's not feeling her cutest right now.

2:43 PM, January 20, 2006  
Anonymous superfecta bob said...

I cannot believe that Master P. is still in the competition, especially after finishing so low in the scoring of previous shows. One judge even said it was time for his couple to part company with the show. I don't believe that the TV audience knows more than the judging panel. I'm not at all a good dancer but I really believe I could do better. Something is wrooong with the show when he continues on from week to week, but maybe they just want to aggravate someone with my view.
Go Jerry and George!!!

9:43 PM, January 20, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I boycotted this show because they robbed Joey McIntyre last year, but I guess I'll have to start watching again. Not that I'm a Joey McIntyre fan or anything, but I loved watching him dance. (was that his name?)

5:42 AM, January 21, 2006  
Blogger Kacee said...

So true! I posted this on another site earlier-

Yeah, I see Nick and a very pregnant Leah clapping but that's not a whole hearted smile on her face. After every dance (during judges comments) Cheryl just can't peel herself off Drew. I think he was starting to catch hell at home, a few episodes back he'd keep pulling away real quick and looking uncomfortable.

Looks as though he's over that. I seriously thought she was going to stop dancing and start kissing him in this routine! Anyone else see that?

5:29 PM, February 26, 2006  

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