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You've heard the rumors....and now, it's finally happened. Residents of Miami Beach, your streets are now just a little bit safer. Shaquille O'Neal was sworn in Thursday as a Miami Beach reserve officer, choosing to skip a public event in favor of a quiet, private ceremony. "Officer O'Neal is very considerate toward the other officers, and he was afraid if he was there he would have taken away from that moment for other officers," department spokesman Robert Hernandez said. "This is a very special time for them and their families." Shaq will receive a salary of $1 a year as a reserve officer.

This is not a brand new occupation to Shaq, as he was a reserve officer when he lived in Los Angeles while playing for the Lakers. O'Neil has said he would like to to use his new position to work in the special victims detective unit to help stop crimes against children. "He made it clear when he decided to come to Miami Beach that he didn't want to just be a poster boy for photo ops, he wanted to get down and dirty and do the job," Hernandez said. "He's here to conduct investigations and to make arrests."

Oh wow, I love this! I just think he is awesome! SHAQ! SHAQ! SHAQ!

Source: AP
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Anonymous jpfl said...

I love this Man! Maybe he'll be arresting Kobe in the future.

5:05 PM, December 10, 2005  

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