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I love Shaquelle O’Neal. Its bad enough we Los Angelinos lost the guy to the Miami Heat (still painful), but now they not only have him on their basketball team, they have him as one of their crime fighters. Police spokesman Robert Hernandez reported that two men were walking on Washington Avenue near Third Street around 3 a.m. Sunday when two men in a silver Honda yelled anti-gay slurs at them. One of the men in the car jumped out and tossed a bottle, hitting the victim in the back. The bottle-thrower then got back into the vehicle and the car sped off, obviously not realizing what they were in for… and that, was a “Shaq Attack.”

O’Neil, who has been preparing for his post basketball career by training to become a reserve officer with the Miami Beach Police Department, was witness to the incident and decided to follow the bastards in his car until he flagged down some Miami Police officers who took over and arrested the suspects. I have such a visual of Shaq behind the wheel probably of some big Hummer saying “Ahhhh Nooooo! You ain’t gonna get away from me!” I love it!!

O'Neal has completed the training to be a reserve officer, but has not taken the state certification exam yet, Hernandez said. ''He should be certified any day now. "He's already been fitted for a uniform.''



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