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"She's dead. Wrapped in plastic."

Just a couple week's ago I was talking with one of my friends about David Lynch's TV show Twin Peaks and how it sucked that the second season never came out on DVD. Next thing you know, an email arrived about Paramount Home Entertainment's upcoming April 3rd DVD release of Twin Peaks season 2! I can't believe that this awesome show originally aired in 1990 (yes, that's 17 years ago, oh my!), so some of you probably have never even heard of it, watched it, let alone were toddlers when it was on television. Lucky you, because now you can experience for the first time in it's entirety, the wonderfully, weird and often freakin' scary town that was Twin Peaks.

The story of Twin Peaks revolves around the mysterious murder of the town's high school beauty, Laura Palmer (played by Sheryl Lee), whose dead body was discovered washed up from the river naked and wrapped in plastic. Kyle McLaughlin plays Agent Dale Cooper, who comes to the small fictional Northeast Washington town of Twin Peaks to help solve her murder. During his journey, he uncovers dark, twisted secrets about Laura's family, friends and the town itself. Complete with a dancing midget, a Log Lady, a Giant with secret clues, damn good cups of coffee and a horrifying guy named BOB, all set to Angelo Badalamenti's haunting musical score, Twin Peaks brings you television as you've never seen it before.

Twin Peaks--The Complete Second Season features a six-disc set containing all twenty-two newly remastered high definition episodes and is loaded with new in-depth interviews, audio commentaries, featurettes and introductions. In stores April 3rd, make sure not to miss it!


Blogger Christian Johnson said...

Advanced ordered and DONE!

Between this and the old Showtime, British HTV, version of Robin Hood that just came out, I am a happy man.

7:08 PM, March 16, 2007  
Anonymous oscd said...

Wouldn't it be funny if they brought the same plot line to The Hills. Pretty grad washes up on beach... only kidding!

10:10 AM, March 17, 2007  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I own the VHS of the entire series with the two-hour pilot!

4:57 PM, March 17, 2007  
Anonymous JP said...

AWESOME!!!! Thanks for the heads up, TW.

7:03 PM, March 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your whole blog entry reads like an advertising blurb....hilarious. You should write ad copy.

"Television as you've never seen it before!"

"Be sure not to miss it!"

7:23 PM, March 18, 2007  
Blogger LVGurl said...

Look how young Kyle McLachlan looks!!

1:23 PM, March 19, 2007  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

anon 7:23- LOL what can I say? I'm enthusiastic about Twin Peaks. Although, I am accepting job offers that pay a lot of money..are you offering me one? ;-)

5:01 PM, March 19, 2007  

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