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MADONNA'S FORMER NANNY SHOPPING TELL-ALL BOOK. has the exclusive scoop that a woman claiming to be a former nanny for Madonna is actively shopping a tell-all book to publishers about Madge and her family. She is sending around an 80-page proposal, to which was lucky enough to get a peak at. reports:
"The document proposes a book that will reveal intimate information gleaned from Melissa Dumas' service as Madonna's nanny. Sample chapters and chapter summaries provide a laundry list of alleged details pertaining to Madonna's marriage to Ritchie, their children's behavior, the family's participation in Kabbalah, and the motivation behind Madonna's decision to adopt a boy from Malawi."

"The proposal includes a copy of an unsigned nondisclosure agreement that the author claims Madonna issued to her only after she had already resigned as her nanny."

Even though I am a fan of Madonna and would usually poo-poo books like this, I would totally be all over this one. I want to read everything about Madonna's marriage to that cutie Guy Ritchie, hear stories about if she bosses him around with a riding crop and will not believe anything that may shatter my image of Lourdes and Rocco being nothing less than the perfect, well behaved children I imagine them to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What can she tell the world that we already haven't figured out for ourselves? Madonna is a control freak, and I imagine quite nasty to her hubby. I think Rocco just might be a little bit of a brat, from some of the poses I've seen of him in pics. And the most telling is Madonna has entered the do as I tell you not as I do/did stage of her life. Ya think she want Lourdes growing up like she did????

9:06 AM, March 10, 2007  

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