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"I anticipate Larry will have his daughter within a month."

Those were the infamous words spoken today by Larry Birkhead's lawyer, Debra Opri, after the pair went back to court in Los Angeles, California, to continue their on-going paternity battle of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn. Birkhead asked a judge to order Howard K. Stern to come back to California and take the test determining who is the real daddy of the 6 month old baby. According to Fox News, Opri said the judge "refused to make Stern a part of the paternity court action but said he would review he matter in two weeks after he considers the law more closely." Opri, never one to mince words, spoke to the press after the court hearing. "We are confident that Howard K. Stern will be submitting to a DNA test here." "Howard K. Stern cannot avoid this jurisdiction. If he wants to be the father, he has to put up or shut up. He can't hide behind this fake birth certificate." I just love how subtle she is, don't you?

In the meantime, Birkhead said he was busy building a nursery for Dannielynn and that his meeting the baby in the Bahamas was one of the greatest moments in his life. He added, "That was my delivery room just to get to meet her."
Source: Fox News


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think larry's lawyer is tuff 'cause he's too nice. don't think he would have gotten this far w/o her, sad to say.

6:51 PM, March 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry is allowing Debra Opri to turn this paternity thing into a media disgrace. Seek your paternity in private, afterall your supposed daughter will have to read about all this someday..... give her some dignity for Christ's sake. Larry unfortunately cannot help himself as he like everybody is seeking his fame and fortune. Lunching at the Ivy restaurant before going on a baby shopping spree being followed by paparazzis!!! just like regular celebrities do. Sorry Larry... you're looking very creepy and a real low-life to me too.

11:31 AM, March 14, 2007  

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