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Oh dear! This whole Britney story keeps getting worse and worse! This week's issue of the National Enquirer has a story claiming that after her infamous 'head shave' night, Britney tried to commit suicide--twice. A source told The Enquirer that later that night, Britney tried to take her own life by first, walking into traffic (and thankfully being pulled out of the way of cars by her staff) and second, she was rushed to a doctor after she said she was going to kill herself and and then took too many Xanax. Hmmm...that might explain that late night trip she reportedly took to Cedars that night. You can read more about the story HERE.
If that wasn't crazy enough, The Enquirer also has stories about Katie Holmes rebelling from Tom Cruise and a claim from Anna Nicole's former assistant that he saw Howard K. Stern shoot Anna up with drugs. Complete madness!
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Blogger d mumsie said...

But, on the good side, she was thisclose to K-Fed doing her in on the sly but escaped.. from his sly schemes of baiting and drugging her, catching her on film and cheating, breaking her down to become insane, taking the money for any tiny show of affection he gave her, demanding she give him fame and fortune first on her dime.. so whatta mean she's unwisely committing sucide by dumping the sleazy crud, while humilated, suffering with post-birth depression and losing her mind from loneliness to reach out to any twit and evil pal who showed her friendship from her grief eh? It's a wonder she can chew gum and walk straight.

2:01 PM, February 22, 2007  

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