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A fierce battle is brewing between Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole Smith's mother, Vergie Arthur, over who Anna's body should be released to for burial. It's up to a judge to make this decision, but Stern is executor of her estate and can make funeral arrangements on her behalf. Stern told Entertainment Tonight that he wants to carry out what Anna wanted and that was to be buried next to Daniel in the Bahamas. She even went as far to buy 2 double plots together. Anna Nicole's white trash mother Vergie has other ideas. She apparently doesn't give a rat's ass that Daniel is buried in the Bahamas and that Anna would have understandably wanted to be buried next to him upon her death. According to Entertainment Tonight, Vergie wants to take Anna's body back to Texas and bury her there. I know a lot of people don't like Howard K. Stern, but I do believe he will carry out what Anna wanted and have her laid to rest next to her son. Vergie on the other hand, well, Vergie ... all I have to do is listen to what Anna Nicole had to say about her "mommy dearest" during one of her last interviews and I know that Vergie should not get her little, fat, grubby money-hungry hands anywhere near Anna Nicole's dead body, let alone, anywhere near Dannielynne.

Make sure to watch ET/The Insider tonight to see more of this interview with Anna Nicole where she talks about the abuse she endured growing up at the hands of her mother. So sad.
Source: ET/Insider


Blogger Anne-Caroline in Atlanta said...

That woman is trouble and is single handedly responsible for raising the troubled Anna Nicole Smith.

She was CLEARLY the last person in the world who ANS would want

a) making burial plans on her bahalf and

b)taking over the parental responsibilities of that poor child.

Thank GOD all of the reports I have seen say that that psycho Vergie has no more rights to that child than a stranger does.

She needs to F**k off and die.

Go eat another pie, Vergie, and crawl back into the hole you have been hiding in for the past twenty years.

If ANS did not want you anywhere near the grave of her dead son, why in the world would she want you involved in the life of her infant daughter?????


3:15 PM, February 14, 2007  
Blogger chantistar said...

fuck off bitch. your daughter hated you

4:52 PM, February 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with y'all. vergie must have been a real skank of a mom to make ANS so filled with rage/sadness. i think that shit did more to her than any of the drugs she might have taken. stay away, vergie and leave dannielyn in peace.

5:10 PM, February 14, 2007  
Anonymous Jayne said...

If her mother was so awful, why did ANS let her raise Daniel for the first five years of his life? I think ANS indulged herself in a little revisionism. If there was an awful mother in this sad sage, it's ANS.

2:40 AM, February 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand this woman! And even though alot of people are bashing HKS, I believe he loved ANS and has stood by her through fat, thin, and everything in between. He obviously loved her even if he couldn't help her. As far as Anna's mother goes..She needs to take her 15 minutes and shove them. She makes me so ill. If you google her, you will see what she has said about her daughter in the past. She's disgusting!

5:30 AM, February 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they are all out for a piece of the pie...her nasty mother, her psycho boyfriend and the countless others that continue to humiliate her even after her death. They are all fucking rats and should be ashamed of themselves.

9:40 AM, February 15, 2007  
Blogger Anne-Caroline in Atlanta said...

Jayne, Jayne, Jayne.

Do you really think she was good to ANS and that her reports of abuse at the hands of her mother were simply revisionist?


This woman is disgusting. And she is hideously ugly too. She makes Jaba the Hut look attractive, LOL.

10:18 AM, February 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If her mother was so awful, why did ANS let her raise Daniel for the first five years of his life? I think ANS indulged herself in a little revisionism. If there was an awful mother in this sad sage, it's ANS

Why did she leave when she was 15? Apparently Anna's sister doesn't talk to the mother either. Even though Anna and her sister don't speak, neither talk to Mommy Dearest.

10:23 AM, February 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know alot of messed up broads who don't talk to their Mothers and make up horrible stories. The women I know are drug addicts, one went as far as to say her Dad molested her simply because she herself had been jealous of the elder sister's attention from the Father. I don't doubt people have shitty upbringings, but when you add drugs and a manipulator like Howard Stern who cut everyone out of Anna's life and suddenly Anna and Daniel end up dead? Wake up you morons. Anna and Daniel were fine before, and though I agree Anna should be buried with her son since she was so f-kd up during that last year and put him there in the Bahamas. I have not heard that any of Virgie's kids or grandkids have died while with her, so the baby should be with Anna's family - her BLOOD family. And in death, you forgive - you see the truth, so I highly doubt Anna feels the same as she did when Howard kept her drugged. I could say a lot of bad shit about my parents too, but they did the best they could and I'm adult enough to realize that.

1:34 AM, February 16, 2007  
Anonymous WTF said...

Just because Anna let her trash mother raise Daniel for the 1st few years of his life doesn't mean she didn't treat Anna badly. Perhaps at the time, mom was the lesser of 2 evils. Mom didn't see or talk to Daniel in the last 15 years of HIS life and if HE wanted to he could have contacted her. That speaks volumes in my book.

Of course Anna would want to be buried with Daniel, what mother wouldn't? Especially with as much as Anna loved him.

I don't believe Howard is as evil as people are making him out to be. He may have prolonged Anna's life as far as we know. She was a mess, drugs, lawsuits, her son's death... It was too much for one person.

Howard is the only father Dannielynn has known and he loves her. Shit he's a better parent than Shitney for crying out loud. I hate ET but I've been watching it, and Howard loves that baby.

10:02 AM, February 16, 2007  
Blogger chantistar said...

howard has really skinny fingers and that annoys me! can you imagine him touching a plump lady like ANS w/ skinny ol' fingers? yuckkkkkkkkk. sorry for sidetracking, but when 10:02 mentioned ET i noticed that!

1:41 PM, February 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of mother keeps a daughter in a morgue , and goes to court to get her body and bury it in a town Anna couldn't wait to get out of? She should do at least one act of kindness and let her be buried with her son. I also think she reallly messed Anna Nicole up real bad.

5:04 AM, February 17, 2007  
Blogger Anne-Caroline in Atlanta said...

She is a fat money-grubbing illiterate skank who did not love her daughter and now wants to get her hands on her money and get one last Fuck You in by completely disregarding her wished and buring her away from her son and in a place she spent her whole life trying to forget.

If people cannot see that, they are stupid.

5:56 PM, February 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The women is obviously a liar nad a psycho. Scary - retired cop. Sister-in-law sells a tape for money. Anna Nicole was very vocal as to the feelings for her mother.She has no business there fighting for anything. Who is paying her attorney? Is she estranged from any of her other kids? With all the questons, nobody asked her that. Go Home Vergie.

3:46 PM, February 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The woman is a liar & a psycho. Retired cop,eh? Anna made it public knowledge she hated her mom. Is Vergie estranged from any of her other children? Birkhead & Vergie in bed together? Go Home, Vergie Anna wanted no part of you when she was alive. Let Howard bury her by her son.

4:11 PM, February 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why in the hell would that fat bitch have a right to the daughter that clearly hated her guts until the day she died. The woman is Evil. She exploited Daniel's death and is now doing the same to her daughter. It is now appearent where Anna's anger came from. She was raised by a monster. This whole thing has given the country a clearer picture of why Anna had the problems that she did. As far as Howard. Anna loved him and trusted him. It doesn't matter where he got his money. The point is it was her life and her wishes should be respected. By the way, that judge is a total jag off. He obviously got his nose up Vergie's ass and had a negative opinion of Anna from the beginning to let her rot like this and pretend to care about her "beauty". Her beauty was that she was a loving mother. Let her rest in peace with her son already.

9:24 PM, February 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate you Vergie. I hope you look online and see how much people detest you. The judge and the mediator and the parties agree to the RIGHT thing - burry Anna next to her son... And you run to the Appeals Court. YOu are a greedy, fat bitch.

2:58 PM, February 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Vergie Justice was served and the daughter that you abused, neglected, and caused emotional damage will not be in your hands. You are a vial money driven despicable piece of shit. You wanted nothing to do with your daughter until she was a success and after failed attempts to milk her for money via lawsuits and ridiculous rants on TV while getting paid to exploit her you have the nerve to show your face in court. Anna may have had her vices most of which you need to realize you caused. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting Anna who all who knew her said she was a loving and beautiful person. She became that way despite the damaged you caused. I have never commented on sites like this but my total disgust in you has driven me to do so. Vergie I hope you rot in hell and remember karma is a bitch and all of these horrible things will come back to you.

Anna you were a bright light that left us too soon. Your fans will never forget the fun loving beautiful person you were. Take care of Daniel as you did when you were on this earth.

Peace and Love Anna!

3:23 PM, February 22, 2007  
Anonymous Sarya from LA. said...

Vergie you are a selfish mean old slag who didnt care about her daughter when you couldnt control her because she fled the abuse both mental and beaten. Just go to hell already!!!
As the mother of 2 daughters who are young adults now i couldnt be away from either of them for years as you did.
As for ANS and her sweet son they both felt no need to have you in their lives so why the helll would they want you around in sicken me truly .
As for all the folks dissing HKS just know that he was so very in love with her and that if she choose drugs sadly it was a way of coping with such a sad life.
He was there for her when no one including Birkhead was and loved her unconditionally faults and all .

Howard be strong and know some of us understand what life with someone you love has an addiction problem ,thanks for loving her and know it is YOU whom she wishes to have her darling baby ,as if not a child of your body but truly of you heart .
Much love Howard and Dannylynn
RIP Beautiful, funny brave Anna

7:56 PM, February 22, 2007  
Anonymous Nicole said...

All I have to say is what kinda of mother allows her daughter to decompose so she can try to keep a peice of the pie! I HATE VERGIE! If there is anyone that makes my blood boil it is her! Don't you think ANS would appreciate her more if she would let her go be with Daniel? If she does get Anna's body I hope ANS haunts and tortures the shit out of her "Mommy Dearest". Vergie get a life and bother your other 5 kids cause this one wants nothing to do with you! You are a disgrace of a mother. I would only want my child to be happy wherever that may be. You do not separate Mother from child! I am sure you will now write a book and try to make money off lying about your daughter and saying horrible things. I don't care what she did you are her mother and your job should be to protect her and defend her NO MATTER WHAT! Again I hope you go to hell!

9:29 PM, February 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the crap is going on??? Anyone who would give ANS body to Vergie is out of thier fn minds..
She clearly bought and paid for the burial plots in the Bahamas for HER FAMILY!!! Daniel, Daneillynn, Howard and herself!!!! She had nothing to do with her mom for years and I think we can all see why... I am a mom and I could not imagine letting my daughter sit and decompose just for the puplicity and the money... I am so sick of all this stuff... Let ANS be laid to rest with the love of her life Daniel.. Vergie is clearly a media whore and speaking of media whores Larry Birkhead get a f in life... I wonder how much crying you would be doing if there was no money attached to Daniellynn see what makes a daddy is I would bet Howard would raise and love her with or without one cent given to him...I mean the guy is boring money from his parents just to fight to give Anna what he knows she wanted... He clearly loved her... You can see it in every photo and on the show... He adored her... no matter what her weight was.... lets all be honest here.... ANNA was very outspoken and clearly showed she was in charge...don't give that crap that she was manipulated by Howard...and she had to do what he said that is so full of shit... She fought hard to over come a terrible life thanks to her mom. She was a fighter and when she wanted something she got it... We all saw her throw her tantrums on her tv show and everyone for years has seen her pull crazy antics so why is anyone trying to say it's Howards fault... She was so beautiful can you blame him for just loving her and wanting to make her happy... ANNA We will miss you but I am sure you are with your beloved Daniel in heaven and I hope and pray you will soon be next to him on earth as well.

1:48 PM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of folks want to criticize Anna's mom, but I just can't get past the warning she sent out to Anna on CNN after Daniel died, that Anna should be careful who she hangs out with, because she could be next. Who among us can say that Vergi was wrong about that?

2:06 PM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate Vergie, hell she made money off Danny's death when she had Splash Magazine fly out to the bahama's with her. She made thirty thousdand off the video of her at danny's grave site. Then had Splash reporter ride with her to the viewing at the medical examiners office. Virgie the piggie was not suppose to release it to anyone they were going there. It came out when Virgie the piggie was on the stand that she leaked it. This woman is looking for money from her daughters death. If she was a real mother should would not of let the x husband and brothers and sisters molest and beat Anna when Anna was a small child. Now Virgie lets her rot on a slab. What a poor excuse for a mother let alone a woman. May Karma bit Virgie in the ASS big time. Hope that woman rots in hell, like the what she put Anna through as a child. And Larry Birkhard is seen on a video watching Anna with her doctor. He was there all along watching this, but when the camera showed him he made the camera guy shut off the camera. If he really cared about Anna he would of been trying to get her to leave like it shows Howard K. Stern was. So who is the vilians here? Its shows Larry Birkhead putting Anna's dog on her lap, it was all fun and games till the camera showed him. If this man really loved Anna he wouldnt of let this happen. I wish Howard all the best with his daughter and hope it is his child and he is able to make all these cock roaches go back into the woodwork from where they came and where they belong.

7:49 PM, February 25, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vergie is Texas trash, a selfish, bad bad mother who has no right to any part of her daughter. Any judge who listens to her is just looking for his 15 minutes. And what about the slimeball who robbed the house after she died? Why isn't he being prosecuted? And Larry? Also a money hound. Scurry off cockroaches...

9:37 AM, February 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mother is your mother...etc... ARE YOU INSANE? Only the lucky ones escape abusive parents. Why is the old man standing by Vergie now? The smell of money. EVIL PEOPLE

9:45 AM, February 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said!!!

I think that Virgie the fat ass , even though she might not be able to help it, but as she said on the stand she used to be thinner, so she could do it again if she wanted, why was Anna's siblings not at Court ot help their poor, invalid Mother out, Also, when the evil woman went to Bahama's on January 22, 2007 for Daniel's Birthday, why didn't she try and contact her daughter then maybe Anna needed her sorry Mom at that point, She is so proud of herself saying she raised Daniel from a young age till 6 or 7, because Anna was trying to work at a Chicken Joint I honestly believe she was a good Mother (Anna I am speaking of), She had a hard life at first, Virgie didn't even raise Anna, it sounds as though the Aunt took part of that praise of raising Anna & helping with Daniel, while fat ass was out driving a patrol car with a gun on her fat hip, BOY! she was proud, to be in a man's world, eating donuts LOL. Can you imagine being pushed from pillar to post, staying with her Mom, then off to Auntie's house JUST IMAGINE!! I can. Yeah! she made money off of that video at the Cemetary, are you kidding, this was all fake, the tears the hugging of people, if she loved Daniel so much why did it take 15 years for her, if Daniel wanted to contact or see Virgie (cannot call her a Grandmother, Grandmother's don't do such!!! Daniel could have called her, but he didn't want to. You know being brought up in a home where you don't feel as though your welcome, it eventually comes out later in years, if Anna was taking pain medicine, she was trying to kill the pain of the last years, earlier years in life, it must have been rough, Virgie claims she was a Sheriff, those are the worst people, they have crimes as well, beating their wive's etc, etc. they are the worst people. I am actually just at a lost, I really didn't keep up alot with Anna, except when Daniel passed and the baby was born, very beautiful little one, I honesly beleive that Howard Stern is the little girl's father, ou know all these people coming out that want to have a DNA done, you can always be a Dad, but it takes a darn special person to be a father, Howard loves that little baby, can you only imagine if Virgie had the baby, it would soon go to the Aunt, just like Anna, it is about the money, Howard doesn't want the money, he even admitted to it, he is a smart man!! Just as the media has said and Moe the bodyguard for Anna, that has been with her for many years, like he said count the months of pregnancy, Dannilyn was born pre-mature, old Birkhead needs to count some months up, there is no way baby needs to go to him, he even said on the stand Under Oath, that he will need some help in raising the baby and said that is where Virgie comes in he said in help raising baby, she couldn'r raise Anna, how in the hell will she raise a baby from the MONEY she will get doing stories and showing cemetary plots, BIG FAT DUMB ASS!!!! I hope one day she gets to read all of these comments. Yeah! what kind of Mother keeps her daughter in the Morgue, a selfish one, very selfish bitch!1 I hate her, & I don't hate people, I could have spit on the TV at her, she fake crying, then smiling, then hugging people, she is a fake FAKE. Screw you, you fat pig. God Bless Howard K. Stern and Dannilynn Hope Marshall Stern, Howard you are going to make a wonderful Father, do not let anyone take that child from you. Do not do a DNA test. I'm just typing away, I am so mad at the crazed people, they make me sick to my stomach!!!


7:25 AM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous Ally said...

Holy Crap!!!! You know we all talk badly about our parents whether we were spoiled and they never got us that toy because one day we were bad, or we talk badly about our parents WHEN THEY BEAT THE HELL OUT OF US whether it was physical, mental, or sexual. No one knows for sure what went on in the VERGIE household but you have to wonder why a girl at 15 would run and not look back. As far as I am concerned, Anna loved her children, she displayed that on more then one ocassion. She left Daniel with her mother when she was trying to find the means to provide for that child. It may have not been a conventional manner in which we all are subject to, but you know what, Daniel came back to Anna and both lived their lives together and both could always look at each other with love in their eyes. I have not seen that look even in death with Vergie. She still has that slanted evil, abusive look that I had been subject to when I was growing up. That bitch needs to spend her money, not on visiting courtrooms in Florida or the Bahamas, but on making herself be more believable. Acting school comes to mind. Vergie, GO AWAY, you make me sick. People like you make me sick. The final straw for me was when I watched you walk over her grave, hell why did you not just spit on it too while you were at it. You just threw 51 shovels of dirt on your BABY... (the name you chose to call her at her eulogy). You could say all you want about how you loved her, you can say that you meant do right by her, but lady, in my eyes, you let her rot in a morgue until you could find a loop hole to stop her final wish. You took her beauty that she worked so hard to maintain, whether she was overweight or when she was skinny.. I could almost see a twinkle in your eyes when the court was told she is decaying... you rotten pathetic excuse, I hope no child every has to endure the wrath of your compassion again, not Danielynn or any one of your daughters. If nothing more, you taught me what the devil looks like and trust me, I am going to heaven.

7:35 AM, March 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just have one thing to say: Children who truly grow up in a loving, positive home end up having a loving, caring relationship with their parents on the other hand, children who come from physically, mentally & emotionally abusive homes end up hating their parents and have very little to do woith them once they leave the house. There is no doubt in my mind that Anna Nicole was terribly abused as a child which of course led to her very self-destructive habits as an adult in her efforts to ease and forget the internal pain. Very very sad human story.

11:25 AM, March 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I have to say is.. Anna Nicole Smith was a drug addict and under the control of others.. To protect her own misgivings she would say anything to deflect the bad attention..Anyone with common sense can see that..I believe Vergie truly loved her daughter and if Anna was off the drugs she would have had a better relationship with all of her family members..People as a whole can't comprehend what drug abuse can do to the mind..I can't say one way or another if Anna had anything to do with her sons death.but, I will say this Howard Stern is definately suspect in my books....

10:03 AM, April 04, 2007  

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