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Oh sweet baby Jesus, WTF? Britney Spears has shaved her head. Not allegedly, she shaved her fucking head. The first photo was taken during the act last night while Britney did the deed inside a hair salon. The other photo was taken from video later in the evening as she sat in the Body and Soul tattoo parlor in Sherman Oaks, CA, while getting pink and red lips tattooed on her wrist. Unless she has a medical reason for doing this, which in that case it is completely understandable, she has officially gone off the deep end and I am scared. I mean, her hair was totally messed up and reportedly falling out from all the damage, so she can at least get a fresh start. But seriously, is the girl trying to start a new celebrity trend of matching bald heads and bald vaginas? Did she not like the fact that Anna Nicole Smith was getting all the media attention for the past week? Can you even imagine Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake's reaction? I knew someone once who wanted to shave her head "just because," but she was a freakin' nut case if that tells you anything.

Thanks to chanti star and Jen for alerting me to this!
Photos via: Drudge Report AP/ABC Video
Source: AP


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the fuck doesn't even begin to cover it!!

Yeah, so I read that this morning and logged on right away to TW, but there was no posting...(it was like 7am your time). Ok, seriuosly-what in GOD's name is the girl thinking?? Let's be rational...why would she shave her head?

1. Giving her hair to Locks of Love.

2. Someone close to her has cancer and she is being supportive.

3. She is sick herself (gasp!)

4. Her hair was falling out b/c of the damage so she decided to start over.

5. She has become a skinhead.

6. She has truly gone off the deep end and really does need to go back to that rehab in Antigua.

I am stumped and hopefully we'll get an answer sooner than later???

PS....LOVED the carpet/drapes comment!

12:01 PM, February 17, 2007  
Blogger LVGurl said...

She's f**king nuts. Is this the "rock bottom" to which Felicia was referring?

12:02 PM, February 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She used to crack me up with her trailer park idiocy but now I'm really worried about her. Not as a fan but as a mom with kids near her age.

I hope to GOD she gets some help and fast. Where the hell is her mother?

And BTW does it occur to anyone else that she may be suffering from post partum depression?

Brit-get help, take your fortune and your kids and get out of Hollywood. Find a nice quiet place to raise them so they at least have a CHANCE at a normal life and forget the career and the party bullshit til they're a little older. Those kids need their mother and they need her straight and comitted to their well being.

You can do it!!!!!

12:31 PM, February 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the video of her on x17online is disturbing. she keeps telling the paps she did it because of them and who are you, i know your face.....really really weird. This is sad, because she used to be so cute and normal circa 1999.

12:37 PM, February 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four words, "PINK FLOYD THE WALL" Watch it and you will know why she shaved her head.

1:20 PM, February 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:19 PM, February 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Might be rich, but just not all that smart. Must hurt to see Justin and Christina still rocking on at the Grammys. Must hurt to wake up in the morning and realize that a husband whose first wife is pregant while he is pursuing you, is not that good a catch. Must hurt to have your publicist quit to become a flight attendant. Must hurt to have NOT ONE person in your life who can be relied upon to tell you the truth, pack you up and take you somewhere where you can heal from all the hurt in your life.

8:27 PM, February 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe these words are coming out of my mouth but here they are... "K Fed sure is looking like the stable good parent" Lord help us all and especially those poor kids.

10:12 PM, February 17, 2007  
Blogger Scott McLean said...

I guess us guys don't see it the same way. She can look any way she likes and still be fantastic! Well, I do hope and pray for her.

10:39 PM, February 17, 2007  
Anonymous oscd said...

Is this a joke - have we been punk'd? I seriously hope she gets help. It looks like she wanted attention again. With Anna Nicole's death, these 'tortured' celebrities could hide out for awhile and enjoy the peace and quiet. But no, here's Britney out doing something very public.

That publicist-airline lady should start a blog to tell us what's going on. Britters has officially made Lohan look sane and normal.

8:03 AM, February 18, 2007  
Anonymous littlestar said...

Sad-- although I wonder if she wants to reinvent herself as a bad-ass rocker chick. That would be pretty cool. But maybe I'm too much of an optimist.

When celebs go crazy like this, I wonder if the old system in Hollywood was better when actors and other performer were under strict contracts and had public images tightly crafted by managers and publicists. I don't know, just makes me sad to see people break down in public.

1:30 PM, February 18, 2007  
Anonymous T-Shirts said...

She shoulda left it like a mullet.

Bob T-Shirts

2:12 PM, February 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sister did this when she had a complete mental breakdown.

It broke my heart when I heard that Britney did this.

She is crying out for something --- not sure what, not sure she even knows what.

She needs to go into inpatient treatment and get her shit sorted out.

She could have a wonderful life --- or she could have a hellish life.

Its up to her.

5:09 PM, February 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She has lost her mind. Gee, saw that one coming for months. Maybe when she's in a pysch ward they'll make her take parenting class.

6:05 AM, February 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any woman out there knows that if she's shaved her head, she's gone off the deep end. Unless it was like a support thing or something, which this clearly wasn't. That girl needs some serious help RIGHT NOW.

6:47 AM, February 19, 2007  
Anonymous Britney said...

Britney must be in really bad conditions. probably a depression

2:55 PM, February 20, 2007  
Anonymous Notorious. said...

people are being fucking assholes

okay, stfu, the woman obviously has some serious issues

none of us know what she's going through and it isn't our place to judge or try to act like we know.

4:49 PM, February 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey! Anna Nicole did not kill herself, her needy bf did. Just wait and watch the news in time.
also, Britany is free to do what she wants. So what if ppl are constantly following her every action? And yes, she does need some help, but most likely it's a celebrity pitch. I could shave my head and so could u. big deal.

5:12 AM, February 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

woah i just came online and saw this! i mean people shouldn't start saying that she did the wrong thing by shaving her head cuz it's her head it's her life she get's to do what she wants.everybody got to do what they think is right.even though i do agree a little bit that she needs help.i'm saying all of this because i think that i am right and in brittany's case she might think she's right simple as that!!

5:29 PM, February 27, 2007  

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