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Okay, lets get real here. This Anna Nicole stuff is getting outta hand. You thought there was madness during her life? Sadly, there is more madness in her death. The last thing I want is for this blog to become all about Anna Nicole, but it's practically the only interesting gossip story out there at the moment. Still, I will try to post on what I think is the most relevant and interesting news about her, and leave the rest of the overload to everyone else.

Here are some links to Monday's Anna Nicole headlines:

  • Howard Stern wanted Anna off drugs and days before her death, was planning on taking Anna Nicole to detox for a long stay in the sultanate of Brunei.

  • Is nothing sacred anymore? Within hours/days after her death, Anna Nicole's house was broken into and all her possessions stolen.

  • Take a look inside Anna Nicole's fridge: Methadone, Yogurt and Slimfast, oh my. (BTW, tacky TMZ, very tacky.)

  • Rita Cosby says Anna Nicole had 2 different boob job repair surgeries after Dannielynn was born, her dead body was found naked in bed with a sheet over her head and 10 different pain meds were at her bedside table.

  • Contrary to what the NYDN reported, old man Marshall is not the father of Anna Nicole's baby. Fox News says the whole thing was a hoax. Seriously people ... did anyone actually believe that story?
  • Watch Howard K. Stern cry about Anna Nicole on Monday's Entertainment Tonight/Insider.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't even stand to listen to or read any of this is SO crazy. Poor Anna. Even in death she has people around her embarrassing her name. What a disgrace.

12:56 PM, February 12, 2007  
Blogger chantistar said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:21 PM, February 12, 2007  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

chantistar- it means fake tears.

2:27 PM, February 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:47 PM, February 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did'nt they find Marilyn Monroe in
her hotel room just like that? Weird.

5:37 PM, February 12, 2007  
Anonymous oscd said...

They found Marilyn at home in Brentwood (12305 Fifth Helena Drive). I passed the house for someone's party once, it's a quiet street...

Just found a link of someone who kind of burgled the area for fan photos. (Sorry, it wasn't me. I google everything.)

You can see a few angles here:

8:05 PM, February 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, he looked upset...NOT! it took all he had to push out 1 tear and he kinda looked like he had a weird smile on his face when he was giving the interview...face facts, he guilty of something. off with his head ~ the queen has spoken.

2:24 AM, February 13, 2007  
Blogger chantistar said...

never heard of such an expression TW. how funny. i don't know why it keeps saying chantistar but it's me get in mah belly

4:26 AM, February 13, 2007  
Anonymous oscd said...

Stern's specialty is contract law. Maybe he hasn't performed in front of juries (like John Edwards).

A trial lawyer could put in a real performance with all this...

9:55 AM, February 13, 2007  
Blogger Anne-Caroline in Atlanta said...

I saw on the telly that he was admitted into the bar but that he has no cases that he has handled.

Makes sense about the contract law --- I think that is what many talent agents and such have as their background.

5:14 PM, February 13, 2007  
Blogger Anne-Caroline in Atlanta said...

Get in mah belly --- I was wondering where you went!!!

Glad to see you are here!

Chanistar is a pretty name by the way.

5:15 PM, February 13, 2007  
Blogger Correspondant said...

THe guy is absolutely Psychotic, and remember his comment regarding a drugged out indisposed anna, where he says, *THIS IS WORTH MONEY , He creeps me out, look at him. He murdered BOTH!

5:09 AM, February 24, 2007  

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