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Lindsay Lohan might want to re-think who she sends her little emails out to. Lately, a string of Lohan's emails have been "mysteriously" leaked to the internet, most recently one where she talks about learning to pole dance for an upcoming role as a topless dancer in the film "I Know Who Killed Me." Her most recent musing was as follows:

Subject: "They're all whores, they're all whores . . . xcept for some obviously!"

"So . . . 3 hours of pole dancing and bruised. everywhere . . . I mean we're talkin' like, UPPER AND INNER THIGH ACTION-bruised . . . like a walking black-and-blue mark.
"I mean really though, really, I didn't know it was actually possible to have bruises in such areas of the body. Strippers dude, I tell you, I really respect the [c-word]s now. . . I'm not gonna lie to ya."

Oh that Lohan, every word that comes out of her mouth is just, like, brilliant. I'm sure strippers across the nation are terribly thrilled to know that they now have earned the respect of Lindsay Lohan, so much that she would call them whores and c*nts. I mean, seriously, what more could a girl want? Classy.
Source: Page Six


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will LL please go away. I once admire her work but not since Mean Girls.

Lohan and Spears have officially been crossed off my favorite girls list.

12:33 PM, December 19, 2006  
Blogger get in mah belly said...

i wish she would bleach her freckles off. that would be one less annoying thing about her. damn that was so mean!

7:45 PM, December 22, 2006  

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