Tabloid Whore!



The hours are ticking away until Tom Cruise makes Kate Holmes his bride and finally, an honest woman. The National Enquirer reports that the lovebirds arrived in Rome today via private plane and thankfully did not forget to bring along baby Suri plus Tom's other children, Isabella and Connor. The gang is now shacked up in the penthouse of Rome's Hassler Hotel as they prepare for their spectacular wedding in a castle (ooohhh!) this Saturday. I don't care about all the TomKat hating out there, I actually am more excited about this celebrity wedding than any of the other ones out there lately and can't wait to see all the pictures. And for all of you who thought the wedding would never happen, let the madness begin!
Plus, for a bit of wedding fun, check out and their latest installment of their online dress up game, aptly titled,"Tom Cruise Dress Up."