Tabloid Whore!



Lotsa good stuff going on this week in The National Enquirer! As you can see they have a fabulous new redesign that’s a modernized version of their classic Enquirer logo (ah, you gotta love that it’s one of the few true classic tabloids left on newsstands today) not to mention, check out their new “First to Know” section filled with exclusive stories you will find only in The Enquirer (and not the same repetitive junk you read everywhere else!).

This week’s issue is jam packed with the scoop on the following scandals:

- Katie Couric getting fired?? Could there really be a God?

- Will Kirstie Alley be having a little help from Mr. Lipo machine?

- What the hay? A World Exclusive story on Dog The Bounty Hunter and a supposed crack problem?! Sorry, I must draw the line about believing that one…not my Dog! I smell a rat!

- More dirt on the loads of women Ryan Phillipe allegedly cheated on Reese with (ugh! Pig!)

- Pictures of Nicole Kidman visiting Keith Urban in rehab (is nothing sacred??!) and news that she supposedly found out she is pregnant (Again?).

- Tension is reportedly so bad now on the set of Grey’s Anatomy that execs have called in counselors!

- More dirt on that nasty Naomi Campbell with an exclusive tell all from a former assistant with an eyewitness account of Naomi of beating up a 60 year old grandmother and physically harming a 5 year old child! And Naomi is not locked up in jail, why?


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