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Hey fans of Chris Daughtry, here's your chance to preview Daughtry, one of the most anticipated CD's of the year! It hits stores Tuesday November 21st, but you can listen to the entire cd right now! I am so glad it didn't take Chris forever to put out his CD like some previous American Idol contestants. It stays true to Daughtry's style and although that "style" can tend to sound a tiny bit repetitive, Daughtry has some truly strong stand out tracks. As a Chris Daughtry fan, I am not disappointed. Now all we need is a tour! Enjoy!!
Listen to Daughtry
Radio Worthy: Over You (also best track!),It's Not Over, What About Now.
Track Listing:
1. It's Not Over
2. Used To
3. Home
4. Over You
5. Crashed
6. Feels Like Tonight
7. What I Want (featuring Slash)
8. Breakdown
9. Gone
10. There And Back Again
11. All These Lives
12. What About Now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I you want to hear waht a real American Idol sounds like, listen to all 12 tracks. Chris, I am 42 years old and you are by far the best vocalist I have ever heard. If the sound "It's Not Over" does not go to #1 I would really be shocked. Lady's and Gentlemen here is the real "American Idol"!

Stewart Droste
Waterloo, Iowa

7:47 PM, December 03, 2006  

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