Tabloid Whore!



Hey, hey! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I wont be around the computer till sometime in the afternoon, so in the meantime, enjoy a handful of stories from some of the fabulous sites off TW's blogroll!
  • For all of you who wondered who that married TV superstar having the secret affair was on the cover of last week's The National Enquirer, here's your answer!
  • Scarlett Johansson is on another magazine cover and proves she can look good even when not scantily clad in just a sweater and socks.
  • Hmmm...sounds like darling Nick Lachey is getting a little snarky where his ex Jessica Simpson is concerned.
  • Although she hasn't seen her estranged daughter and grandson in years, Anna Nicole Smith's mother believes Howard K. Stern killed Daniel.
  • Patricia Arquette has incredibly huge bazonkers and now I feel inadequate.


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