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Heather Mills is dishing out some very serious allegations against Sir Paul McCartney. Some of the couples divorce court papers have reportedly been leaked and in those documents, Mills accuses McCartney of violent abuse during the couple's 4 year marriage (McCartney denies all claims).
Mills claims McCartney:
  • Stabbed her in the arm with a broken wine glass after one argument then flung her into a wheelchair, demanding she apologise for "winding him up".
  • Grabbed her by the neck and pushed her over a coffee table.
  • Pushed her into a bath while she was four weeks pregnant.
  • Started choking her after she asked him if he had been smoking drugs.
  • Continued to use illegal drugs and drink excessively, despite promises made before they married.
  • Called her an "ungrateful bitch" in a dispute over an office.
  • Tried to stop her breastfeeding, saying: "They are my breasts" and "I don't want a mouthful of breastmilk".
  • Made her cancel a crucial operation because it interfered with his holiday plans.
  • Objected when she asked to buy a bedpan to save her crawling to the toilet at night, saying it would be like being in "an old woman's home".
  • Forced her to crawl on her hands and knees up the steps of a plane because they were not wide enough for her wheelchair.
  • Vomited on himself after a drinking session and staggered home drunk and slurring, demanding his dinner during the four years they were married.

Forget about Paul McCartney not wanting a mouthful of breastmilk (thank you btw for that image Paul), I am more disturbed by the thought of her wanting to use a bedpan nightly. Yes, I know she is missing a leg and okay, considering I am not in her position I probably shouldn't question her desire for a bedpan. Seriously though, would you piss in a pan in front of a Beatle?

Source: Yahoo News UK


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how did he and Linda stay happily married for what, 40 some years? I hope this stuff isn't true.....this Heather chick has always seemed like a snob to me.

11:36 AM, October 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that with Linda was different because they grew up together as a couple, times were different. Now, with Heather he is a different Beatle, he's old, she's young. Although the age difference many people say it's not important, but I think it is. May be she got tired of him...after she climbed the ladder of course!!
He's a Beatle and he's not that cute Beatle anymore and I would be all cranky if I had to look in the mirror and see that plastic surgery is not working anymore. May be part of it is true (I hope not) but think about it, all famous people turn in to fustrated,bitter,weird etc. at one point. We see it every day here.

12:27 PM, October 18, 2006  
Blogger GP said...

I think the whole thing stinks as a malicious stunt and lie by Heather. Fact: Heather was nobody and scored big by snagging Paul. Fact: Paul could have had almost anyone and he marries an aging one-legged gimp whose career is over and now pursues social causes full time. (Doesn't sound like the actions of some demanding, insensitive misogynist!) Fact: All of the stories that suggest a history of "bad behavior" are about Heather, many were not leaked by Paul, and many have been proven true. So far nobody is saying anything bad about Paul in this marriage, his last marriage, or his professional career EXCEPT Heather!

Analysis: I think all the tabloid stories have stung Heather, and her and her lawyer are worried public opinion will kill them in the settlement. So, they have tried to make up behavior that is the most terrible and insensitive a husband could have to a wife who is disabled, pregnant, and then a mother. Question: If Paul is such an evil bastard with no sympathy for cripples, why did he marry her and why couldn't Heather figure this out before the marriage and subsequent pregnancy? I think we all know the answer... It didn't happen, and if it did she didn’t care because she was in it for the Benjamin’s.

1:04 PM, October 18, 2006  
Blogger get in mah belly said...

wow i completely forgot she has one leg! this is a clown show for sure. was she that one-legged runway model? ew she is so fuckin ugly. i'm sure all her allegations are false b/c my ex said some pretty fucked up things about me in our custody papers so i don't believe her.

4:40 PM, October 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baby, you can still drive MY car any old time.

11:11 AM, October 19, 2006  
Blogger NYC said...

Folks-let's face it NOBODY ever liked her!
I know Stella is saying "I bloody well told ya so"
Stella never liked the wench.
I remember Howard Stern would diss the hell out of her 4 years ago on radio and asked the question "What does Paul M. see in that snob?"
I doubt Paul ever hit-he may have given her a little shove-I would she looks like wench!

8:36 PM, October 20, 2006  
Blogger Trevor Pitt said...

All I wanna know is when they start divvying everything up for good; Who gets to keep the leg?

9:05 PM, October 20, 2006  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

TP: That one made me laugh out loud. I think it may be inspiration for a drawing. ;)

9:16 PM, October 20, 2006  

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