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Well, once again proving that not all tabloid rumors are false, word is that Madonna has officially adopted a baby from Africa. Reuters is reporting that Madonna arrived in the Malawian capital Lilongwe on Wednesday. Government officials confirmed that Madonna picked out one special orphan out of 12 selected for her, to be her new son. They added that she was first interested in adopting a little girl, but then changed her mind two weeks ago and decided on a little boy. Yeah, you know cute little Lourdes was probably all over that decision. There will only be one little princess in Madonna's home! A government spokesperson said, "She asked us to identify boys only, which we have done after visiting four orphanages in Lilongwe." As much as I love Madonna, I keep imagining her standing at the orphanage in her riding gear with riding crop in hand, as the children are all lined up while she inspects their teeth before deciding who she wants to take home.
Source: Reuters
Sweet Jesus. I give up.
Madonna's longtime publicist, Liz Rosenberg, denied the adoption report to E! News, saying the singer has not made any additions to her family. "I can confirm Madonna is in Malawi on a private visit," Rosenberg said. "Despite reports stating otherwise, she has not adopted a baby boy. "She is building an orphanage and child-care center and is involved in other initiatives geared toward helping children orphaned by AIDS through the Raising Malawi organization."
Source: E! Online


Anonymous Cait said...

It's not true. Her publicist disconfirmed it.

2:40 PM, October 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

goody for madonna!

2:41 PM, October 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is very true.

2:42 PM, October 04, 2006  
Blogger get in mah belly said...

ah shit i hate being wrong. stupid yahoo. sorry tw

5:18 PM, October 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad to see she is opening an orphanage. That is very generous.

6:47 PM, October 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She said that she didn't adopt a baby BOY, not girl. Publicists are like lawyers, they twist words around and say things without really saying it..

7:46 AM, October 05, 2006  
Anonymous overpaid, shallow celebrity dresser said...

Never did like this tramp.

1:17 PM, October 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
it is very true.

Can you read? Rumors spread like wildfire in Hollywood, and unfortunately people like you swallow every bit of it.

5:57 PM, October 07, 2006  
Anonymous Cait said...

Her publicist is now "up in the air" about what is or isn't happening. Apparently people have spoken to the future son's dad (his mother died a month after his birth) and Madge is taking over care. Weird...

7:25 PM, October 10, 2006  

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