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Anna Nicole Smith will appear in her first television interview since the death of her son Daniel, starting this Thursday, Nov. 2nd on Entertainment Tonight. Knowing ET, they will stretch this damn thing throughout the entire November sweeps and yes, I am totally intrigued. This is also terribly ironic since ET is the show that also heavily featured interviews with Larry Birkhead proclaiming he is Anna Nicole's new baby daddy. Reporter Mark Steines (pictured above with Anna Nicole, Howard K. Stern, baby Dannielynn Hope and 2 ET producers) interviewed Anna Nicole and posted the following on his blog:
I just flew back from the Bahamas, where I sat down for an exclusive interview with Anna Nicole Smith. I was the only reporter allowed inside her Bahamian compound for what would be one of the most in-depth interviews she's ever done and the only interview she has given since the death of her son and the birth of her daughter. Anna Nicole was finally ready to talk about these events, and she only wanted to talk to Entertainment Tonight.Driving through the gates of Anna's home in Nassau with executive producer LINDA BELL BLUE, I noticed there are absolutely no signs of life on the outside. I would come to learn that the fear of constant paparazzi keeps Anna and her support team locked up, blinds drawn, and constantly aware that prying eyes are trying to snap photos. There is a pool no one uses, gardens no one visits and terraces no one stands on to take in the very warm night air. Anna and her baby live pretty much like prisoners inside this home, and we were actually some pretty welcome guests.From the moment I saw her enter the room, I knew this was not the Anna Nicole I had interviewed before. She seemed calmer, sadder, a bit of a broken bird, yet she looked quite beautiful. She introduced me to her daughter DANNIELYNN and the man she calls her husband, HOWARD K. STERN. She was a very gracious host in the midst of some pretty dramatic times.The interview is a veritable rollercoaster of emotions. She giggles like a schoolgirl when she talks about the first time she realized she was in love with Howard. She beams like a mother when she holds little Dannielynn and says, "Can you say mommy?"But it is when she utters the name of her son, DANIEL, that Anna Nicole is no longer able to compose herself. She crumbles like a house of cards, tears pouring out of her eyes, her body shaking from the sobbing. This is not just a controversial, misunderstood woman, this is a mother who has lost a child.I have done quite a few interviews over the years for ET and I have never seen the level of heartbreak I witnessed in the Bahamas. I think when you tune in to our exclusive interviews with Anna Nicole -- starting on Thursday, November 2nd -- you may walk away with a different opinion about this particular star. I know I did.
Photo/Source: Entertainment Tonight


Blogger dish me the dirt... said...

Nicole almost looks normal in that pic BUT looks can be decieving!

I find it interesting too that they are doing the interviews on ET. Maybe it's b/c they did air all those interviews with Birkhead. I think that was a strategic play.

And poor baby Dani-Nicole really needs to stop putting those headbands on that poor childs head. UGH!!!

12:03 PM, October 31, 2006  
Blogger NYC said...

It's about TIME that the media gave a more sensitive interview. No one was acting as though she lost a son.
I am NOT fooled by them-the truth is they (ET) are still more concerned about her "baby-daddy" saga than her grief.

5:42 PM, October 31, 2006  
Blogger vriss said...

Her crocodile tears and sniffles were so phony. Did anyone notice how clear her eyes were? No redness at all? I noticed ET asked about the antidepressants, but never once asked her about the methadone. That whole interview was very shallow. For someone who has been holed up in her house for months, she sure does have a great tan going on.

1:19 AM, November 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ET and Insider are beating this anna nicole thing to death. Surely they have their monies worth by now.

11:31 PM, November 29, 2006  

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