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"I feel ready for a brand new life now. I've scrubbed clean the mud and rags of 2000-01-02-03-04 & 05. Five years of hell. Everything runs in seven-year cycles. Well I'm definitely out of my darkness now." - Courtney Love

Happy Halloween, Spookies! I hope everyone is wearing a costume today and eating tons of candy. Speaking of candy, can someone tell me why they totally changed Dubble Bubble gum and it does not taste the same way it did when we were growing up?

Kevin Federline isn't the only person today with a Halloween release, Ms. Courtney Love's long awaited memoir Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love hits bookstores today. Whether you like her or not, Courtney Love has had a very interesting life to say the least. In addition to reading about her life with the late Kurt Cobain, there have been some crazy stories in the media about Courtney the past few years ... everything from her constant battle with drugs, losing custody of her daughter Frances Bean, to Courtney claiming a former boyfriend (who shall remain nameless *ehem*) was a very bad man and allegedly stole a shit load of money from her. Hopefully now that she is clean, Courtney will shed some "sober" light on what really went on during those dark years. One thing is for sure, I'm going to be stopping by the bookstore today and picking up a copy of Dirty Blonde. Oh and by the way, nice ass Courtney.

Composed of an astonishing and eclectic collection of deeply personal artifacts including personal letters, childhood records, poetry, diary entries, song lyrics, fanzines, show flyers, other original writings, and never-before-seen photographs, Dirty Blonde leads us through the unimaginable highs and the despairing lows of one of the most compelling and creative figures in the world of popular culture. Through these diaries we see Love’s accomplishments, her mistakes, her history, and her bright future in a whole new light. From her upbringing in Oregon through her years living in Japan, New Zealand, and London, from her career highs with Hole and as a Hollywood leading lady to her personal heartbreak and struggle, Dirty Blonde is Love laid bare—a wholly fascinating portrait of a fierce and insightful woman with an unblinking worldview and a determination to express herself no matter the cost.


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