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For weeks now it had been widely reported that Anna Nicole Smith had bought a house in the Bahamas and was planning on living there. Today it came out that she does not own a cent of the house she is living in and is now being ordered to leave the premises. The real owner of the house, a man by the name of G. Ben Thompson, said that he bought the house in August for just under $1 million as a favor to Smith under the terms that she would then sign a mortgage to buy the property from him. He is now saying that Smith has since refused to sign mortgage papers and told PEOPLE, "She said it was a gift." "I never said that. I don't have that kind of money." Anna has until October 31st to vacate the premises or she will be served with a formal eviction. Happy Halloween!

First off, I am going to have to forget for one moment that I am supposed to be nice to Anna Nicole right now because she lost her son. But this whole deal about claiming someone bought you a million dollar home as a gift?? Only Anna Nicole Smith would think that a house would be purchased for her as a gift. Sorry, but the world is not filled with J Howard Marshalls dear. Thompson told PEOPLE he does not want to humiliate Anna Nicole, he only wants his money or collateral back. Sounds reasonable considering she did make all that money selling the photos of Daniel's last days, not to mention her "commitment ceremony" to Howard K. Stern. Speaking of Howard K. Stern, as her lawyer and new "partner," you would think he would be watching out for her so she wouldn't encounter this type of mess after everything she has been through. Another thing that might want to make Anna Nicole think of paying up real quick is that she reportedly filed for residency in the Bahamas based off of home ownership. If Anna Nicole doesn't rightfully own that house, then she may have to come back to the United States and you know what's waiting for her here ... Dun! Dun! Dun! Larry Birkhead with his big 'ol spankin' paternity test (which, as of now, Smith has reportedly refused to consent to).
Source: PEOPLE


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Hey TW-

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Hi DMTD- I'm sorry! I'm glad you registered though! It has to do with spam problems and blogger...but do me a favor and shoot me an email and i will write you back asap. tw :)

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That title made me laugh...

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h.u.h. i was wondering why it was so quiet in here lately.

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