Tabloid Whore!



Yeah, that's Amos, not Spelling...thank you very much. A bunch of really cool releases come out today and best of all, my favorite red headed chick Tori Amos comes out with an amazing box set. A Piano: The Collection is the ultimate prize for any Tori fan. You can bet your ass that I'm going to be strutting my stuff down to Best Buy today and picking one up. A Piano: The Collection is part of this week's AOL Music's listening party. Listen to it HERE.
"Produced by Amos, the career-spanning collection highlights selections from her studio albums as well as b-sides and songs that debuted on Tales of a Librarian, a recent 'Best of' compilation. Featuring seven never-before-heard compositions, the box set contains a total of 86 tracks that combine well-known studio versions with rare alternative mixes, including several songs Amos remixed for this project. A PIANO: THE COLLECTION also offers a revealing and extensive track-by-track commentary penned by Amos, who discusses the inspiration behind the songs and albums and explains why they were chosen for this box set. Read More ...

Other cool releases that AOL Music is holding listening parties for include:
The Lemonheads- 'The Lemonheads' - Hooray, Evan Dando is still alive and making music again. Oh how his voice brings back memories of college!
Janet Jackson - '20 Y.O.' - Quit your 'hating' peeps and just check it out, Janet's still got it.
Mario Vazquez 'Mario Vazquez' - Before you say, "who dat?!" Mario is the kid who surprised everyone and mysteriously dropped out early from American Idol a couple season's ago. Now he's back with his new solo record. It has a couple good tracks (most notably "Cohiba" and "Gallery,") but otherwise, I'm not really hooked. Sorry Mario.
Samiam - 'Take Care' - Wow. Anyone remember 'Clumsy?'

And if this wasn't enough new music for you, check out's Spankin' Free Music Week, where every day this week they're letting everyone download all kinds of free music. Holla!